Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Indonesia

Make-up has this magical effects to make one feels more confident in their skin by achieving a flawless complexion. We also find it super entertaining and amusing when some artists with extraordinary makeup skills started to transform themselves into comical characters, politicians, celebrities or even art paintings.

However, not everyone is a fan of cosmetics products. In 2016, bare skin activist, Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara were criticised when they attended the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) with no makeup. Nonetheless, many couldn’t stop talking about Alicia’s flawless skin when she showed up at 2018 Grammy Award.

While it is important to keep your skin healthy, many enjoy the ability to mix and match colours from their eyeshadows palettes, having exceptionally long and curly lashes, different lips colours every other day. In this article, I am going to introduce you the Top 10 Beauty Influencers in my personal favourite country, INDONESIA!

As all of the beauty influencers in this article have more than 80% Indonesian followers, followers from other countries will not be included. Let check them out!

Tasya Farasya (@tasyafarasya)


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All black everythayng.. Outfit from @kinarascarves ♥️

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Tasya Farasya has a distinct look from the other Indonesians but she was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. The 25-year old makeup artist even studied at the Faculty of Dentistry, Trisakti University. We know Indonesians’ weddings are huge, followers were astonished to see the luxury of Tasya Farasya’s wedding with Ahmad Assegaf in February 2018.

Tasya may not have the highest Indonesian followers in term of percentage, she certainly has the largest number of Indonesian followers.


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Tasya Farasya began her Youtube channel in early 2017. This channel became the place for Tasya Farasya to share her fashion tips and her expertise in applying makeup.

Rachel Goddard (@rachgoddard)

Rachel started her career in the Youtube world as a beauty vlogger since 2014. She used to work as a content writer in one of the beauty magazines for about 8 years. Over time, Rachel found her interest in makeup and through her acquaintances in the makeup industry, she was aspired to become a makeup artist in 2012. Rachel offers the best demographics of followers for brands that want to target Indonesia market, with 94.52% of them located in Indonesia and 63% female.

In December 2018, she collaborated with Indonesia’s fastest growing tech startup, Go-Jek, to promote their ride-hailing service. She is now one of the highest earning beauty influencers in Indonesia.

Abel Cantika (@abellyc)

 This beauty influencer does not only share makeup tutorials. She is often invited out of the country by top makeup brands. Abel began her work as a beauty content creator since 2015. Until now, she became a well-known figure and continues to create content relates to makeup and cosmetics.

She has the second highest percentage of Indonesian followers after Rachel, although less than 60% of them are female.


Marcella Febrianne Hadikusumo (@cindercella)

Cindercella whose real name is Marcella Febrianne Hadikusumo, is among the thousands of beauty influencers who is able to capture many viewers and subscribers with her unique and colorful video tutorial content.

When Cindercella is not covered in colour, her natural radiant skin reveals the youth in her. Recently, she embraced freckles in her makeup tutorials although the freckles are not real.

Perhaps her creative makeup attracts followers from other countries, which may have resulted in lower shares of Indonesian followers. However, her unique makeup won her the Queen of Performance title among the rest, with an engagement rate of 9.63%.

 If you think that creativity is her only talent, you are wrong. The 23-year old also has a passion for singing. She has uploaded videos of her cover songs on Youtube which received positive feedback from her subscribers.

Sarah Ayu (@sarahayuh_)


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31 Des – 1 Jan 🙂🙏🏼

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Sarah Ayu went into the glamorous world of beauty vlogger to share knowledge about make up and wanted to beautify Indonesian women. From diet, beauty tips to sharing mask recipes, this beautiful woman is never out of words.

A glance through Sarah’s Instagram, we can see how much time and effort she puts into makeup to achieve such gorgeous looks. She specializes in Bold lashes, bold brows and bronze skin. I love about how her highlight is always on fleek!


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kgn Bali 🌞

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 The post above was taken in Bali, is also her best performing post. While she is not shy to show off her curvy figure, she is quite an athlete as well. An interview with Wanita Indonesia revealed that she started exercising since high school and was “regularly exercise Muay Thai, 3 times a week”.

Suhaylah Salim (@suhaysalim)


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Pumpkin 🎃

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 Suhay who learned makeup from YouTube is now a reliable makeup artist. Aside from being a beauty vlogger, Suhay Salim also works as a translator which she claimed to be her main source of income. This Javanese and Arab descent also has a hobby of photography, which made her realize there was something lacking in the picture when the object of the person in her photograph did not have makeup on.

Among the list of beauty influencers here, Suhay has the largest female audience (67%) which is perfect for brands targeting female products.

Jovi Adhiguna (@joviadhiguna)


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STARTING NOW AKU GAK MAU TERLALU PUSING MIKIRIN FEED 🙏🏻😂 ILL POST WHAT I WANNA POST VIDEO NGAGETIN EMAK W KEK FOTO DR HAPE KEK FOTO GAK JELAS KEK KAYA ROHANI KEMAREN POKOKNYA BEBASKEUNNNN ❤️ Used to feel super stressed out klo gak dapet foto bagus, atau foto gak sesuai ekspektasi dan bisa bikin mood gak enak (iya selebay itu beb, biasalah perfectionist) Dan gak nyadar, social media ternyata selama ini jadi ngebuat aku seeking validation from strangers Which is super funny? Biasanya aku paling careless kalo masalah begituan Jadi suka stress gitu kalo dapet likes yg sedikit, apalagi kalo berhubungan sama client, terus kadang kadang pas foto nya udah jadi aku malah suka “orang orang suka gak yah foto ini?” Padahal dulu nya “ih suka bgt foto ini” dan kemudian di post 😂 Im done doing it Imma post what i wanna post! I used to use social media for fun, tapi kemaren kemaren sempet kelupaan, BUT NOW IM BAAAAACK XIXIXIXI BTWWWWW I’m wearing okurrrr on my lips from my latest collaboration with @floretcosmetic and @mop.apparel beauty blender oversized t’s ❤️

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Jovi is not your typical beauty influencer, at least it is not common in Indonesia. In the US, there is Jeffree Star, James Charles and many more as male beauty influencers. In Indonesia, there is Jovi Adhiguna.

Jovi he continues to break stigmas against dressing norms in Indonesia. During an interview with Vice, Jovi was grateful that he has a very supportive family, and they are his biggest support system despite being in the LGBT community in a more conservative country.

In 2018, he walked for his friend TitiesSapoetra’s fashion show and won the Breakout Creator of the Year at Beautyfest Indonesia. He also collaborated and created his own collection with Floret Cosmetic in December 2018. #FloretXJoviAdhiguna

Vinna Gracia(@vinnagracia)


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Apple is red. Orange is orange. W kagatau ni mo kasi caption apa 😂

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Vinna is originally from Indonesia but has also lived in Seattle and Los Angeles. However, living in America for several years before returning to Jakarta has not made Vina Gracia, stopping her dream. This 26-year-old woman admitted that taking makeup classes was only for fun and wanted to fill her free time.

At such a young age, Vinna has established her name in the cosmetic industry in the United State. It can be the reason why she has a lower percentage of Indonesian audience as well.

Tyna Kanna Mirdad (@tynakannamirdad)

Tyna always manages to work her magic so effortlessly, yet sophisticatedly.

While being a beauty influencer is only her part-time, she is a full-time mother of 2 girls and an owner of a frozen food business.

Tyna has done a lipstick collaboration with Sasc Official. Following the successful collaboration of Truly’ Mazing x Tyna Kanna Mirdad Lip Liquid, SASC launched Truly’ Mazing x Tyna Kanna Mirdad LIP SHINE.

Stefany Talita Visa (@stefanytalita)

YouTube beauty enthusiast who is known for her eponymous channel’s content. She has gained widespread popularity there for her beauty and fashion tutorials.

Stefany who is still 23 years old is also a dentist soon-to-be. Even though she was busy taking dentistry education, Stefany could still channel her hobby in sharing beauty content.

Unlike most beauty influencers, she prefers a makeup that looks natural and she often appears on beauty talk shows. Her cute face seems to gain more male followers than other beauty influencers. However, I hate to burst your bubble, Stefany has found her Mr Right and decided to get married when she was 22 years old.

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