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In this article, we are taking a closer look at visual artists on Instagram — illustrators, comic artists, graphic designers, bakers (!), painters and more. Each of them uses a specific medium to express their artistic selves, and a number even manage to raise awareness about social issues while they’re at it. 

We found each of these artists using Popular Chips Influencer Search, which allows users to search via key demographics. Here is what I entered:

  • Country Where Majority of Audience Is Based: United States 
  • Interest of Audience: Art
  • Age Range of Audience: 18-45
  • No. of IG Followers: Between 5000 to 500,000

I picked the results that I found to be the most interesting, and without further ado, here they are.

1 – Hazel | @hazel.mead | 150K Followers

Hazel is a UK-based illustrator who tackles taboos with her art. Her feed is a very pleasing shade of pink, not to mention her drawings which are wonderfully detailed. Despite being English, majority of her followers are based in the US.

Her Top Performing Post this year is a ‘Bus Stop Illustration’, which is a common theme explored by artists who want to illustrate that we don’t always know what is going on in other people’s lives/minds. 

This got a 26% Engagement Rate, which is 8 times higher than the industry average for micro influencers. 

Hazel also has a very impressive portfolio: 

It makes total sense that big organisations want to work with her, because she’s always drawing about something important. Take a look at her commonly used hashtags for example:

Popular Chips

If you’re here for some wholesome, woke content, Hazel is the woman to follow. 

2 – Ashley | @ashlukadraws | 96.3K Followers

Ashley Lukashevsky is an LA based illustrator, who identifies as “mixed, queer” and illustrates “just futures”. The idea that Ashley’s art is a physical manifestation of her faith that all futures will be equal is such a beautiful and captivating idea to me. 

Popular Chips

Over the course of this first quarter, her audience has grown quite steadily. Her average audience growth rate is 3.34%, and in March alone she gained 1.1K new followers. 

Most artists use their art to shed light on socio-political issues, and Ashley is no exception. Her Top Performing Post this year is a drawing that campaigns in favour of Bernie Sanders:

It performed at a 22% Engagement Rate, which is more than 7 times her personal average and the industry average for nano influencers. 

The majority of her followers are millennials, which does tend to mean that most of her politically-aware messages will be well received. 

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She also went on to turn the illustration into stickers which went on sale, and the proceeds went directly to the Bernie Sanders campaign. 

3 – Chetna | @mosaiceye | 60.3K Followers

Chetna’s art focuses on self-actualization and they use “mystical mixed media” to achieve their work. Here is one of their Top Performing posts this year, which focuses on rituals. It got a 10.6% Engagement Rate, which is more than double her usual average. 

This gives us an idea of the kind of style & subject matters that they go for — self-care, wokeness, inner peace, mediation and so on. Even the colours that they choose to use are so inherently calming, one can’t help but feel a sense of peace when scrolling through their account. 

Popular Chips

Their audience has also grown quite noticeable in the last month, probably because people are turning to accounts like this to find a stronger sense of self during the quarantine impositions all over the world. 

As a nano influencer, it is typical to have a large local following. 62% of Chetna’s followers are based in the US, which makes them an influential figure for local campaigns and such. 

Popular Chips

Follow them if wellness is your thing!

4 – Maddox | @maddox_rider | 53.2K Followers

Maddox dips into a whole other pool of talent — anime. Their Instagram account is basically one beautifully executed fan art account for various anime TV shows and characters. 

Popular Chips

According to our insights, 58% of her followers are female. This makes sense because there is actually quite a large demographic of women online (Tumblr etc.) who create fan art based on their favourite anime characters. 

Popular Chips

It is therefore not surprising that an account like this would be popular amongst similar women. Here is Maddox’s Top Performing Post on Instagram this year:

It performed at a 15.8% Engagement Rate, which is more than double her personal average and 5 times higher than the industry average for nano influencers. 

5 – Lucile | @lucileskitchen | 51.6K Followers

Lucile is a France-based food illustrator who actually illustrates real recipes sometimes! Her drawings strike that aesthetic balance between looking real and unreal. See for yourself: 

While the majority (19%) of her followers do come from the US, Lucile is one of the few nano influencers to have quite an international audience distribution. 

Popular Chips

For example, she has followers all the way in Southeast Asia including countries like Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Vietnam. 

Her Top 2 Most Used Hashtags are #foodillustration and #watercolourfood, which is the medium that she uses to create her art. 

Popular Chips

She also has a knack for sketching comfort food, and her feed is a great resource to scroll through when you need some respite from a stressful day. Fair warning: you might get hungry. 

Popular Chips

Personally, this is my favourite account 🍜💛

6 – Lisa | @sourdough_nouveau | 51.1K Followers 

Still on the food bandwagon but with a bit of a twist is Lisa, who creates sourdough art. That’s right — it’s art with sourdough bread. Just bread. She is a baker by profession (which explains how lovely all her breads turn out) but doesn’t just stop there. Each loaf of sourdough is a work of art on it’s own. 

Her Top 2 Liked and Commented Posts is a ‘Bride to Be’ loaf, and an experimental loaf. See the latter below: 

It’s so beautiful 😍 This one got a 5.2% Engagement Rate. 

Demographically, 44% of Lisa’s followers are from the US and she also has audiences in the UK, Australia, Canada and so on. 

Popular Chips

You might be surprised to learn that sourdough art isn’t actually very uncommon. Check out the hashtag #sourdoughbread for more work like Lisa’s. 

7 – Kristin | @hellolovelypeople_ | 47.2K Followers

Next is watercolour specialist Kristin who paints on just about any surface you can think of. She has written a book titled Modern Watercolour which explores various watercolour techniques — a great resource for people interested in the form — and also makes some of her lovely pieces available as wallpapers. 

A bunch of Kristin’s Top Performing Posts this year are egg-related:

Popular Chips

She shows us how her watercolour talent knows no boundaries. Take a look at the post below which got a 3.13% Engagement Rate

50% of her followers are from the US, and she also has audiences in the UK, Australia, Canada and so on. 

Popular Chips

8 – Lindsay | @blindsaay | 37.4K Followers

Lindsay is an artist from Tokyo who also has a very unique style. She uses a stylus tool to write text over digitized film images. The words are in her own handwriting and the content is usually uplifting or inspirational, which makes for another ~good vibes only~ art account to follow on Instagram.  

Here is her Top Performing Post of the year — text overlaid onto a video of the popular Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. It reads: “Remember to pause and take a deep breath whenever everything feels like a lot”. 

It got a 12.2% Engagement Rate which is 4 times the industry average and 3 times her personal average. This is also an extra special achievement because videos don’t typically perform as well as images. 

Popular Chips

Over here we can see that Lindsay has collaborated with various kinds of partners, including Headspace — a mental health app, W Magazine, as well as WeWork. Her art speaks to everyone. 

She is based in Tokyo, but 45% of her followers are actually in the US. This is a useful point to note for targeted campaigns, because it shows that an influencer’s location might not always correspond to that of their followers. 

Popular Chips

9 – Yallaroza | @yallaroza | 26.2K Followers 

Yallaroza identifies herself as a “Friendly Neighbourhood Auntie” or “Queer Muslim Illustrator” (we love a bit of versatility). She draws mostly feminine bodies in ways the media never portrays them. 

Here is her Top Performing Post of this year:

It scored a 24% Engagement Rate, which is more than 7 times the industry average and almost twice her personal average. 

A very large percentage of Yallaroza’s followers are female, likely because she focuses a lot on the experiences and physicality of women. 

Popular Chips

A lot her subject matters deal with mental health, self-love, and healing, which I think are so special. With a general average Engagement Rate of 13.16%, you can trust that Yallaroza is constantly delivering great content. 

Popular Chips

Give her a follow if you haven’t already 😇

10 – Rachel | @rachelpangcomics | 10.2K Followers

This final artist does not fit the country requirement, but I did want to spotlight one of my favourite Singaporean artists, especially in a time when we need some reality checks. 

Rachel has the highest Engagement Rate in this list — 17.6%. They are a non-binary Singaporean comic artist who always manages to tackle an important, nuanced issues in less than 10 panels. 

One of the greatest gifts is being able to translate difficult concepts to the layman and Rachel does precisely that. Their Top Performing Post this year was created at the cusp of COVID-19, when a number of Singaporeans were displaying racist attitudes towards the Mainland Chinese. 

It got a 65.7% Engagement Rate. 

A lot of their work focuses on mental health and self-love, as well as her personal journey and lessons she has learnt. We get a better idea of the content buckets that they touches on from the hashtags that they use. 

Popular Chips

Majority of their followers are based in Singapore, but they also speak to audiences in the US, UK, Australia and more. 

Popular Chips

“The arts aren’t a luxury activity. They are central to life. Art is the part of us that is met, and that can’t be met in the outside world.” 

Jeanette Winterson

We hope you enjoyed this article about some special, talented artists on Instagram. During this time of quarantine/isolation, they might give you inspiration to make some art of your own or encourage you to love yourself just a little bit more. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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