The Cast of To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You on Instagram

This Valentine’s, Lara Jean and her notorious list of boys found their way back to Netflix, much to the delight of fans everywhere. What happened to LJ and Peter? Is Gen still the classic rom-com villain? Are there more letters? If you’re as invested in the characters and storylines as we are, this list has you covered. Here is an in-depth look at all the *important* stars on To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before P.S. I Still Love You, and their performances on Instagram. 

1 – Lana Condor, who plays Lara Jean | @lanacondor


Lara Jean is our beloved protagonist — the kind of girl who writes letters to her crushes (including the most popular guy in school), has a sneaky little sister who mails them out, and actually ends up with Noah Centineo. She’s the rom-com princess we all (not so) secretly want to be. Despite the fact that we’re only 2 months into 2020, Condor already charts an audience growth of 10.11%. This is immensely high for a celebrity with 8.9M followers. 

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It is no surprise that this is very largely owing to the premiere of To All The Boys 2, which has been highly anticipated since the first movie was released. This month alone, Condor has gained over 800K followers. 

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Majority of her Top Performing Posts are related to the show, which is a testament to what a fan favourite Lara-Jean is. Her Top Performing post this year received a 32.7% Engagement Rate, which is more than 10 times higher than the industry average for celebrity influencers in the US. 

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2 – Noah Centineo, who plays Peter | @ncentineo


Noah Centineo is, well, Noah Centineo. He plays the most gorgeous & sporty guy in school i.e. the classic American jock with a heart (Troy Bolton flashbacks) because there is no other role that Noah Centineo was fit to play. In this movie he’s beaten Josh & Lucas out of the running and is in a happy relationship with Lara-Jean, until… 

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It is no surprise that his audience is also experiencing an immensely positive growth, albeit not as quick as Condors. His average Engagement Rate, however, is slightly higher at 11.33% which again is very impressive for someone with 18.3M followers. 

60% of his followers are female (don’t act surprised):

And his Top Liked Post this year is a selfie with his girlfriend. 

3 – Jordan Fisher, who plays John | @jordan_fisher

Next up is the newest character played by Fisher, who poses a threat to Lara-Jean and Peter’s relationship. His current average audience growth is 17.63%. We can also see from the chart that it is a direct result of the premiere of To All The Boys 2. 

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Another interesting thing about Fisher is the fact that he is very active on TikTok. His current Engagement Rate on the app is 77.28%

Here is his Top Performing Post of 2020:

4 – Anna Cathcart, who plays Kitty | @annacathcart

Kitty is the reason this whole thing even started. She plays Lara Jean’s cheeky younger sister, and her real life persona isn’t very different. Cathcart has got a fairly young audience which makes sense considering her own age. The majority of her followers are Gen Zs, followed by millennials:

She has also experienced an immensely positive audience growth streak this year, hitting a peak in the week that To All The Boys 2 was released on Netflix. 

Her current average audience growth rate is 10.18% and her average engagement rate is 11.89% — both very impressive numbers. 

This collection of on-screen sister snippets is her Top Performing Post of 2020 and it is adorable 😍

5 – Emilija Baranac, who plays Gen | @emilijabaranac

Gen is the classic rom-com antagonist — the jock’s pretty, popular girlfriend who somehow gets overshadowed by a girl she barely even noticed (#bigegoproblems) and spends the rest of the movie furiously trying to sabotage her ex-boyfriend’s relationship. 

Baranac’s audience has grown the most out of everyone in this list; she charts an average growth of 40.44%, despite having the smallest audience.

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Her biggest peak periods are actually unrelated to To All The Boys, as they occured in 2019. She also draws a very international audience. 

Her Top Performing Post of the year is from the premiere of To All The Boys 2, and it got a 23.5% Engagement Rate in total, which is 8 times higher than the industry average

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