Tired of People Stealing Your Instagram Content? Rights Manager is Here!

Content creators, have you found yourself looking at your own content on the screen, only to realize that the account wasn’t yours? That you never even gave the owner of that account your permission to post the content? That they didn’t give you any credit for what you produced?

All this can be remedied now: Facebook has begun to roll out Rights Manager for Instagram.

What is Rights Manager?

Rights Manager for Facebook [via Facebook]
Facebook first introduced Rights Manager for Pages in April 2016, as a response to the widespread problem of freebooting, where owners of certain Business Pages would steal content from various other sources and pass it off as their own. Rights Manager allowed owners of Pages to upload videos that they wanted to have tracked. Said owners would then be informed if copies of the video were found on other parts of Facebook. Using filters, owners could even decide what to do with such copies, which could differ based on where the copy was found, the length of the video copied and other metrics.

Rights Manager for Instagram

Although Rights Manager was introduced for Facebook Pages almost two years ago, the social media giant has just begun to extend this option to Instagram. As of now, Rights Manager for Instagram performs the same functions as that on Facebook. It tracks videos (yes, only videos) that you wish to ensure the copyright of, and blocks these videos in Instagram’s Feed, Explore and Live sections (if you want it to). Stories, perhaps due to their brief and ephemeral nature, will not be subject to the same rules.

To make use of Rights Manager for Instagram, however, users need to already have access to Rights Manager on Facebook. Rights Manager for Instagram simply acts as an extension of the system that has already been put in place. Pages that are already protecting the copyright of their videos on Facebook will now also be able to do so for the Instagram account that is linked to their Facebook Page.

Increasing Authenticity

For content creators, the extension of Rights Manager to Instagram is clear–videos posted onto Instagram can now be protected in the same way as those posted onto Facebook. At the same time, users can expect greater authenticity and transparency in the video content they see on Instagram. No longer will vertical content accounts be able to steal videos and use them in their own capacity. Users can be certain that the accounts they follow on Instagram have genuinely created the content they see and brands who wish to hire influencers can, too, be certain that they are not falling for fraud.

On our side, we hope that Facebook will consider adding such mechanisms for photographs as well, allowing content creators to ensure that their copyright is upheld.

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