This ‘Cleaning Mad’ Influencer Makes Cleaning Products Flying Off The Shelves For Weeks!

You may wanna go ‘Hinching’ after reading this post.


‘Hinching’ is a recent addition to the lexicon of a language and it’s a verb which means buying cleaning products, or cleaning.


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To my Hinchers .. all one million of you 😱 I wouldn’t be here without you! I can’t quite believe what’s happened over the last 3 months .. It’s been a cracking ride, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Here’s to more hinching.. more banging tunes.. and an ever growing community (and cloth fam) of us all helping, supporting and laughing with each other! I genuinely look forward to speaking to you all every day. You’ve changed my life in more ways than you could ever imagine. And I can’t even believe it when you tell me how much I’ve changed yours! Lots of love, Mrs Hinch, Mr Hinch and Henry 💖 ALL THE BEST 💖 Thank you so much to @lightuplovelondon for the amazing letters!! Service was perfect 💖

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Sophie Hinchcliffe, 28, a hairdresser from Essex, often known as Mrs Hinch, has become a total social media sensation, all off the back of being classy at cleaning. This ‘cleaning mad’ brings joy to her 1.3 million followers by providing step-by-step cleaning instructions and her favourite products through videos and pictures on Instagram and Youtube.

As her previous Instagram account was compromised, PopularChips is only able to collect data on her new account from September onwards. In less than 2 months, the number of her followers doubled, with an audience growth of 42.85% in Sept and 29.84% in the past 30 days.

Unsurprisingly, 72% of her followers are females. It is because cleaning still remains as a major interest among the female audience after cosmetics.

We believe the female audience percentage could be even higher if the 21% generic accounts (private) are public.



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Happy Sunday Hinchers ❤️ Just finished today’s Hinch checklist on my story and snowed (1001) my new rug for the first time 😆 this rug is the Plush silver rug from @therugseller , your feet literally sink into it.. I’m in love😍Now I’m ridiculously excited to eat a huge roast dinner 🤣 anyone else get too excited about Yorkshire puds! I do! Anyway sending a big Hinch hug to you all! I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.. all the absolute best mate 😘 xxx Sofa @dfs Mirror @furniturevillage Floor Lamp @shopmatalan Side Lamp @bm_stores Footstall @ellies_finishing_touches Chunky knit @letsgetcosy1 Rug @therugseller Large print @desenio Chandeliers @shopmatalan Curtains @kylieathome Belly basket @our_littlegreyhome #imahincher #mrshinchhome #mrshinch #hincharmy #narnia #hinching #hincher #interiordecor #homeideas

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Most of her Instagram posts showcase a collection of grey furnitures and decorations in her house. Her spotless kitchen and lounge have become the envy of many and her #HinchArmy as she is now inspiring others to put on their rubber gloves and whack out their feather dusters.

On 17th Sept 2018, she was invited to This Morning, to share her cleaning tips with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. In the show, she revealed a list of her must-have products, which includes Minky M Cloth. It is an anti-bacterial cleaning pad, a dual-sided pad that promises to make light work of all cleaning tasks thanks to a scrubbing side that is ideal for removing burnt on stains and marks, as well as a microfibre side that lifts away grease and grime. Shortly after the show was aired, the Minky M Cloth was completely sold out on online at, as well as other retailers, including Amazon across the UK for weeks. I repeat, FOR WEEKS! Thanks to the HinchArmy.

Queen of Clean

One of her hero products is the disinfectant Zoflora The influencer shared that she dilutes the concentrated mixture with water and uses it to mop her floors daily, as well as sprinkling it on kitchen roll and placing it at the bottom of the kitchen bin for a lasting fresh scent. Once again, the cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch has caused the popular budget product to run out in stores across the nation as many of her followers bulk buying the product, fearing it would be out of stock again.


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On 2 November, Mrs Hinch shared a post and few stories regarding the Zoflora products on Instagram. To analyse the effectiveness of Mrs Hinch, we have created a listening report of Zoflora campaign, with #zoflora, #zofloraaddict and #lovezoflora, and exclude #ad to filter out sponsored posts.

From the graph above, the campaign hashtags garnered approximately 1.4 million impressions! Since the start of November, more than 3000 posts have been tagged, with customers declaring their love for the product alongside pictures of the distinctive multi-coloured packaging.

However, not everyone is impressed with Mrs Hinch’s influences. Fans are complaining that stocks of the disinfectant are running low, and Mrs Hinch is to blame.

Mrs Hinch is actually ruining my Zoflora needs. It’s sold out everywhere and I can’t get my hands on it,’ From someone who was pissed it got sold out .

Think I might have to resort to Amazon’s silly prices for it.’ Another complained.

Meanwhile, many others see Mrs Hinch as a lifesaver and hope to receive more cleaning tips from her. Next time, if you find your regular cleaning product out of stock, you’d probably know why.

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