The Use of Social Media for Content Marketing

The use of social media has always been constantly on the rise, be it for entertainment or work purposes. It is undeniable that social media has become a huge aspect of modern society.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc- I am positively sure everyone of you has at least a single social media application, on your phone or computer.

Social media platforms are advancing fast- they are moving from only sharing content to allowing users to publish their own content.

Using social media as a platform to share content is an excellent method as social media is able to reach a large target audience. Additionally, word of mouth will lead to an even greater number of people becoming aware of the content.

Although initially not very popular, Linkedin’s usage and popularity is currently on the rise. Many have been using it as a platform to publish their content, especially with many companies using the platform to boost their business to business marketing aspect.

Additionally if you are not already aware, Snapchat and Instagram are allowing linking features that allows their users to swipe to read articles.

Below is an example of how Instagram is allowing the sharing of content with their users.

Furthermore, Facebook’s Instant Articles are allowing people to publish their pieces directly onto Facebook, hence making it very beneficial and being very popular among content creators.

Using social media for content marketing can not only enable sales, but it can also build brand equity as well as create and retain customers. It is very important, however, to ensure that not only your content and social align with each other, but also with your overall business objectives.

In the past, content marketing was mainly about producing the best content on websites for the audience. However, presently, content marketing is also about being able to spread your content as wide as possible, to reach as much audience as possible. Hence, because of the wide outreach that using social media can bring, it is a very effective way to use social media as an outlet for content marketing.

So, why don’t you consider using social media to publish your content today?


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