The Top 5 Male Fitness Micro-Influencers in Singapore


We can all agree that life has its stressful moments. In Singapore, where life is fast-paced, everyone tries to find a way to get rid of their frustration and rid themselves of the stress some way or another. While some enjoy taking their anger out on glass bottles with a bat, some decide that they’d much rather go to the gym and take the stress out by lifting weights and pushing their bodies to the physical limit.

In a “fitspiration” wave that’s been sweeping the island, many Singaporeans are now attempting to get fit as a way of dealing with mental stress. Stick around to see who the top 5 male fitness micro-influencers in Singapore are and maybe, just maybe, get your daily dose of fitness inspiration so that you can hit gym as well!

Here’s the criteria used for sorting:

  1. Total number of followers fewer than 50 000
  2. Percentage of male followers at least 45%
  3. Ranked according to number of local (Singaporean) followers
  4. Predominantly fitness-related feed (gym/workout posts, fitness related sponsorships etc.)


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5. Eugene Tan (@eugenetzw)

At 13.1k total followers and 3.6k Singaporean followers, Eugene takes the 5th spot on this list! His profile caption spells out exactly how he lives his life – being honest and sincere while keeping fit.
He is a certified personal trainer and works as a financial consultant. His feed consists of cheery pictures of himself and his progress since he first started working out.

Eugene has promoted events such as the Fitness Festival 2018 and also healthy food products such as Sun Rice Brown Rice Chips.

4. Teo Wei Kiat (@weikiatteo)

Wei Kiat has garnered 14.6k total followers and 4.6k Singaporean followers in his time on Instagram. He was a manhunt contestant in 2016 and is also currently a student at Nanyang Technological University. His feed is a mixture of fun, every-day photographs coupled with posts about fitness. Apart from fitness sponsorships, Wei Kiat also collaborates with fitness photographers to produce stunning images.

Recently, Wei Kiat has had a collaboration with Asics Singapore (@asicssg) and also with activpass (@getactivpass).

3. Benedict Koh (@benthegymrat)

Benedict has a total follower count of 17.1k of which, 5.7k are Singaporeans which places him at 3rd on our list!

Benedict is currently a student at SMU and is a professional bodybuilder. He can be found interacting with his followers on Instagram stories where he conducts polls, question-and-answer sessions as well as live streams. His feed consists of professionally taken photographs as well as the selfies he takes as updates on his current physique.

He is currently a Modern Visual Athletic Apparel ambassador and has collaborated with other brands in the past.


2. Preston Sin (@pressonpreston)

Coming in 2nd on this list, we have Preston. With 36.5k total followers and 6.6k Singaporean followers, Preston’s feed is a constant reminder to his followers to never give up (i.e press on).

Apart from the usual fitness-related photography, Preston’s feed is sometimes interspersed with before and after comparisons of -wait for it- himself. Preston has gone through many phases in life with ups and downs in his body weight and encourages his followers with these photographs to let them know that it is possible to achieve their goals.

Preston is currently working on his own brand @Gritnation.

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1. Jason Chee (@jasonch33)

Jason Chee takes the top spot in this list. Arguably one of the more seasoned veterans in the fitness industry, Jason has amassed a total following of 41.3k and 7.4k of the followers are from Singapore.

His feed is filled with updates on himself, as well as updates on his clients. Other than those posts, he also has a considerable collection of professionally taken photos since he was, after all, a manhunt champion once.

Interestingly, his feed also includes humorous content in the form of memes as well as occasional photos of dogs and even babies!

Jason actively collaborates with @couznutri and has also conducted a masterclass with Allspice Institute.

Be sure to check out these 5 male fitness micro-influencers from Singapore! To learn more about the Popular Chips platform and how it can help your brand in finding the right influencers do contact us here!

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