The star of Instagram is not American but a Chinese-born

Last year, Instagram conducted some spring cleaning by deleting millions of accounts as they were considered fake. Many celebrities lost millions of followers and many people started wondering whether these deleted followers were either bought or were simply spam.

Anyway, the majority of us follows celebrities’ accounts as Instagram suggested them once you complete the sign-up. You might not be really interested in those accounts but as they are suggested by Instagram, you just add them. Celebrities’ accounts happen to have millions of followers and in proportion very few likes.

Here at Popular Chips, thanks to our algorithm that you can view here , we have discovered that Kris Wu, a Chinese-born/Canadian singer/actor, who has 3-million followers, receives in proportion more likes and comments than Kim Kardashian.

In her latest posts, Kim Kardashian, thanks to her new born and the Kimoji’s app, has received between 70K and 100K comments on those posts. However, she averagely garners 800K likes and 15K comments. Whereas Kris Wu, who has only 3M followers against Kim’s 55 million followers, receives on average 600K likes and 65K comments per post. Four times more comments than Kim’s and almost as much likes as hers.


How is that possible?

As we have said previously, the number of followers is not the only factor to consider when seeking social influencers. Many celebrities have a very large audience but weak bonds. In addition, the fact that their accounts are suggested by Instagram itself only helps amass general audience and, therefore, less interested and inactive followers.

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