The Rise of Furry Influencers On Social Media

Social media influencer is a very competitive job. Not only human influencer has to compete against each other and robots for brand deals, but now they also have to compete with pets. Yes, you read it right, pets.

Over the years, more and more brands have shown interest in working with pet influencers to promote their campaign. Surprisingly, pet influencer is not only promoting pet product brands.

Loni Edwards owner of The Dog Agency, an agency specializing in representing pet influencer, told Forbes.“The majority of the brands we work with are human-facing brands, they span verticals such as travel, fashion, makeup, cleaning products and movie studios amongst others.”

What’s even more surprising is their price tag for a sponsored post. The leading pet influencers who is represented by The Dog Agency can charge brands up to $10,000 to $15,000 per post.

However, brands like Go Pro and The Body Shop, have realized the power of our furry friend on social media. Thus, it justified the price to work with them. Go Pro, an action camera brand, have a hashtag dedicated for pet influencers, #GoProPets. Over 2.400 posts have been posted by more than 500 influencers with this hashtag in 2018. All the post combined, it generates more than 3.7 million likes from Instagram users.

Screenshot of Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform

In 2017, The Body Shop launched a campaign “Forever Against Animal Testing” to raise an awareness about the cruelty of animal testing in cosmetics. They partnered with several pet influencers such as TunaToast and Mr. Bagel  to spread the message of the campaign. The campaign will run until 2020, as for now, 8 million people have signed the petition.

Andrea Blieden, Vice President of marketing for The Body Shop told Digiday “The Body Shop has a significant amount of awareness all over the world, but it doesn’t hit every single person, and so we are using these influencers to broaden our reach and scope. It makes the cause relevant to people who care about their pets.”

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous pet influencers:

  1. Doug The Pug (@ItsDougThePug)

With 3.6 million followers, Dog The Pug is no doubt the most famous pug on Instagram.  Celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and Dua Lipa had been seen on pictures with him.  With that big of following, it makes sense that Dog The Pug comes out with merchandise for his fans to buy. But not only he has his own merchandise, he also works with the brand Claire‘s to launch a line of products with his face on it, from backpack to beanie.

Not only with Claire’s, Dog The Pug has worked with a lot of brands, such as HP, Dominos and Netflix to name a few. On his post promoting the Netflix original show, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, he dressed up to impersonate the lead character, Peter Kavinsky. His owner, Leslie Monsier, then captioned it “Puggy Kavinsky”.


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“Puggy Kavinsky” -Doug • @ncentineo @toalltheboysnetflix @netflix

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2. Dolly Pawton (@dolly_pawton)

Meet the chihuahua who has been featured on Vogue magazine, Dolly Pawton. Her owners Stella and Lucy Clements, has been very successful in making sure that Dolly looks fashionable in every Instagram pictures.

Even though her followers is not as many as Doug the Pug, She has managed to work with a lot of brands including Dior perfumes, Starbucks and Mondrian London. Dolly is also a brand ambassador of the clothing brand, Missguided. Besides being a successful Instagram influencer, Dolly is a columnist for Marie Claire magazine. Well, she is clearly one of the busiest dogs in London.


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Let love bloom. Love is limitless. Love bonds people together and I’ve created a family, right here, with each one of you and my Mums and I have never felt more accepted and loved. I have spread the message of equality, being visible and self worth and will continue too, all in the name of love. That’s the thing about love, the more you share it with the world the more you feel it, the more opportunity for change and I am part of the #diorlovechain charity #ad campaign where @diorparfums donates $1 to @wemovement for every post shared with the hashtag. And you, what would you do for love? ❤️ @lucylondonofficial @lisacongdon @TessHolliday @MotherOfDaughters @Ijustine

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Screenshot of Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform
Screenshot of Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform

No wonder brands want to work with these 2 adorable influencers, their accounts have a good performance. Doug the Pug and Dolly Pawton both have a high engagement rate of 3.79% and 5.98%. They both also have a very low inactive follower, Doug The Pug with 2.76% and Dolly Pawton with 2.71%. That indicates that both are good influencers for brands to work with as only less than 3% of their followers would not see the sponsored post.

One of the reasons that pet influencers have a high engagement rate is because people are more likely to share and tag their friends in a cute animal photo on Instagram than a human influencer photo. People would not mind to do it even on a sponsored post. According to Influencer UK, when Jet Blue posted a picture of a pet on their Instagram page, they found that the average number of comments increased by 295%.

So, if you’re currently looking for an influencer to hire for your next campaign, don’t forget to consider these adorable furry influencers.

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