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With billions of users and content on YouTube, this is one social media platform we all know of and have downloaded on our phone. We can do so much on YouTube. We get the first view of celebrities and singers music videos there, we watch our yearly favorite Christmas adverts there, we can learn how to bake a cookie or ice a cake from a video tutorial and some (if not most) viral videos on the internet can be found on YouTube.

True to its beginning, YouTube has always been very much focused on being the leading video sharing platform, providing a huge content bank with a strong user interface for browsing and watching videos.

One may soon realize that, among all the social media platforms, YouTube has always been more content- rather than creator-focused. Other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are very much more creator/influencers-focused as these people are free to post anything they want and interact with their audience. The sections where YouTubers can interact with their viewers are the video itself (a one-sided interaction) and the video comments section.

All that is changing now.

YouTube Community

Recently, YouTube has announced that its Community feature will be available to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. This is following the success of the feature released in beta about a year ago. Now, YouTube is expanding the access to more creators.

The Community feature allows creators to better connect and engage with their audience (viewers) through various forms of uploads. Think of it as something like a dedicated news feed of the content creator. The creators are given the leeway to post status updates, upload GIFs, pictures, polls among other things.

For now, YouTube Community is still in its starting phase and is only available to channels with at least 10,000 followers. However, we can also expect the service to be expanded to smaller, if not all, creators in the near future.

Where to find Youtube Community?

Each YouTube channel with at least 10,000 subscribers will have a Community tab on their channel page. This comes together with all other tabs such as Videos, Playlists, Channels. The same goes for both web and mobile version.

Usual feed with of videos (left), Mid feed Community posts (right)

Only on mobile, however, are viewers able to see updates from YouTubers whom they have subscribed to under the “Subscriptions” news feed section. These updates will appear mid-feed, along with the usual videos postings. To maintain its original video-centric user interface, YouTube has intelligently optimized notifications in a way that allows fans to see regular updates, but not necessarily every new community post that you publish.


Examples of YouTube Community posts

Here are some ways YouTubers who have met the criteria and were quick to pick up on the new feature have used Community to excite and engage their viewers.

Sharing updates on content

Sharing favorite content (cross sharing)

Viewer’s opinion is gold

Connecting with viewers

Given that the Community feature is still relatively new, it seems that some of the top YouTubers have yet to start exploring it. However, as more content creators begin to show us the endless possibilities of engaging subscribers with Community, we will definitely see Community taking flight.

YouTube Reels

As YouTube experiments and introduces more features onto their platform, such as Community (status updates), Reels (stories) and even the upcoming Remix (music streaming), viewers have more and more reasons to stay hooked. YouTube Community is definitely working out right with user engagement and strengthening the relationship between content creators and viewers.

Besides its humongous (think billions and still growing) user base, YouTube Community is just one reason why brands and content creators should say yes to the platform.

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