The New Bizarre Instagram Beauty Trend: #INSTACEPTION

After all the different types of eyebrow trends such as wavy eyebrow and McDonald’s eyebrow, here’s the newest member of the bizarre beauty trends, Instaception.

The trend started when Dominic (@dom.skii), an Australian makeup artist, who posted a picture of himself with a makeup look that was later known as the Instaception”. He captioned his photo “Picture Perfect”. The idea of the trend is to leave the entire face bare except for a section of the face, where a frame appears. The frame is drawn to look like a screenshot of an Instagram post, so it will look like a post within a post. Hence the name of the trend, Instaception.

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Since the day Dominic’s photo went up on July 19th, beauty enthusiasts have uploaded 2,400+ posts with the hashtag #Instaception. Out of 1,300+ influencers that uploaded the posts, 160 of them are Influencers with more than 10,000 followers. James Charles, a beauty influencer with 7.1M Instagram followers has also posted his own version of the trend, gaining more than 2 million likes from that post.

This trend is more than just a makeup look, it also carries a great message behind it. The trend is trying to prove a point that one’s skin is not as flawless as it seems in their Instagram photos. Just like what Michael Treat wrote in his Instaception’s photo, “I have flaws just as much as the next person. Everyone is beautiful in their own way & Instagram is far from reality”

Instagram vs Reality I love this insta beauty trend. I get a lot of messages asking how my skin is so flawless and people saying “I wish I looked like you” or “you’re flawless”… Instagram only lets you see so much of a person and their lives. I have flaws just as much as the next person. Everyone is beautiful in their own way & Instagram is far from reality✔️ ✨Inspired by: @dom.skii & @abbyrobertsartistry • • • – Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills brow wiz – Eyeshadow: @bhcosmetics take me back to Brazil palette – Lashes: @dodolashes style ‘D309’ • • #pictureperfect #instaception #instagramvsreality #makeup #selflove #mua #makeupartist #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #wakeupandmakeup #undiscovered_muas #underratedmuas #makeuptrends #anastasiabeverlyhills #anastasiabrows #dodolashes #bhcosmetics #makeupdolls #makeupbyme #slave2beauty #makeupfanatic1 #makeupartists_worldwide #inspo #makeupart #cutcrease #makeuplooks #love #instamakeup #makeupdaily

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How beauty brands could take advantage of beauty trends

In order to increase your Instagram ‘s likes and engagement rate, you should create contents that are relatable to your followers. I understand that it is hard for brands to start viral trends on Instagram, however, when there is an ongoing trend, brands should always take advantage of it.

The majority of your followers are most likely beauty enthusiasts who follow beauty trends. Therefore, posting contents related to the latest beauty trends would be a good way to get your followers engaged.

Most beauty influencer would write the products they use to create the makeup look on the caption. They would also tag the brands’ Instagram accounts. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to create your own content about the trend, you can simply re-post them instead.

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One of the brands that did this on the Instaception trend is Lime Crime. They reposted Ruzzana Smbatyan‘s photo who created an instaception look using one of their eyeshadow palettes. The result is the post has the highest engagement in the week of August 13th – 19th compared to other Lime Crime‘s posts on that week.

By posting contents and using the trending hashtags, brands will find its way to the explore page. The Instagram posts would most likely pop up on the explore page of Instagram users who have been “liking” contents related to the trending hashtags. Brands could reach Instagram users beyond their existing followers.


Now that we’ve covered the Instaception trend, can anyone predict what would be the next beauty trend?

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