The Magic of Influencer Marketing: The Insta-brand Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie was founded in 2011 after the 26-year-old single parent Cashmere Nicole had wanted her 10-year-old daughter to have a life that she herself had never had. With this heavy and huge motivation, Cashmere juggled a day-time job as a nurse and spent her nights developing her makeup brand.

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Being a sweet tooth, Cashmere Nicole, in a smart move to have her make-up brand stand out, designed her beauty line with patisserie motifs. She then called it Beauty Bakerie.
Cashmere Nicole wished also to create a brand that stood for something from the start. Being a breast-cancer survivor, her near-death experience gave her the drive to build a brand that was not only beautiful but also non-toxic for all to use, vegan-friendly, and 100% cruelty-free.

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Fast forward to 2019, Beauty Bakerie is not only a subsidiary brand of Unilever, one of the biggest FMCG conglomerate, but it has kept its visions and values. Here are some stats about the brand to show you how successful it is right now:

Beauty Bakerie commands an audience of 1 million followers who systematically keep up with the beauty brand’s new collections. It has an Engagement Rate of 0.94% higher than the average at 0.5%.

During an interview, Cashmere Nicole shared that:

It was not until 2015 when an advertisement on Instagram about our lip whip went viral, did Beauty Bakerie really grew uncontrollably.

In this article, we show you how Influencer Marketing through Instagram was able to push Beauty Bakerie into the multi-million dollar brand that is today.


Beauty Bakerie largely invest in macro influencers, who boast an audience between 100k-500k followers. By engaging several few macro influencers at the same time, the Audience Overlapping (consumer follows both macro influencer A and B) is higher. This helps the retargeting of the same followers several times, increasing thus the rate of adoption through Brand Awareness and Brand Equity.

Moreover, macro influencers also improve the Engagement Rate for the brand as they can usually start people on talking about the brand, which is very important to get people interested in trying the products. Take a look at the Engagement (likes+comments) by these 2 macro influencers who posted content tagging @beautybakeriemakeup:

Collaborations with @beautybakeriemakeup, provided by Popular Chips

Unique Selling Point

Beauty Bakerie uses baking terms and designs to look like everyday ingredients for the baking of delicious patisseries. They have products such as:

‘Flour’ -> Setting Powder:

‘Pint of Icing Sugar’-> Powdered Highlight:

Even their advertisements use baking tools like a spatula or a whisk:

Since not many makeup companies put much effort into creating one-of-a-kind designs and packaging, which are also more costly on the production side, Beauty Bakerie sets itself apart from the rest with originality and creativity:

@beautybakeriemakeup’s top 10 posts within the last 3 months, provided by Popular Chips

9 of 10 of the top posts being about the ingredient-like products themselves. I can’t blame customers for liking the product’s visuals cause the packaging is really, really well made and it adds on to the whole brand’s bakery aesthetics.

Empowering the Black Community

Cashmere Nicole is a black self-made tycoon who had worked hard for years before breaking out in the Instagram scene, back in 2015. She said that from the start, she had so many girls from her community who supported her brand, making possible for Beauty Bakerie to grow to the levels of today. Beauty Bakerie regularly collaborates and features PoC influencers, increasing thus inclusivity in the Beauty world.

@beautybakeriemakeup mainly features black make-up influencers, many of whom are lesser known, nevertheless vey powerful in terms of captivating their audience:

Collaborations with @beautybakeriemakeup, provided by Popular Chips

@somuchsimone and @safai305, who are micro-influencers with followings from 10k-50k.

The brand also posts editorial close-up shots of her influencers’ beautiful makeup creations:

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@msmercc wearing our She’s Just Jelly Matte Lip Whip! 🍇

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It is important to stay true to the brand vision you’ve created and even more crucial to give back to the very community that supported you through thick and thin in a sincere manner. Cashmere Nicole and her brand does this very elegantly, and I can’t help but be compelled to support her brand and get some of her famous lip whips too (especially cause the packaging is also superb).

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