The Instagram Effect on TRAVEL

One social media app that all young people cannot live without is the photo sharing app known to us as – Instagram.

Instagram has created an easy platform to share photos – and not just your day-to-day photos, but your best photos. Pictures posted on Instagram seem to require a minimum standard before it can be aired online. In fact, this was how the term “Instagram worthy” came about – photos needed to prove its aesthetic worth in the eyes of the photographer before it can be posted online.

As most of us know, individuals tend to follow the crowd. And Instagram has also created a new world for people to follow new trends, through the Instagram aesthetics, also known as THE INSTAGRAM EFFECT.

What is the Instagram Effect? To put it plainly, it is the glamour and aesthetics of our Instagram lives and the impact of its viewers.

A study has reported that 75% of purchases are influenced by Instagram. Social media has a vast effect on its users, especially Instagram.

Well, today, we will be exploring a significant category of the Instagram effect – TRAVEL!

Looking for inspiration to travel? Why not flip through Instagram to fulfil your wanderlust. Instagram is filled with travel influencers and their social media accounts filled with breathtaking sceneries and city skylines.

So what impact has Instagram made on TRAVEL?

Shaping Travel Preferences

Instagram has developed much influence in the industry of tourism. Many tourist destinations have gained much popularity, thanks to the help of Instagram. A study has shown that 40% of people consider a destination’s ‘Instagramability’ when planning a trip. That’s double the percentage of people who consider the availability of alcohol. Currently, the most instagrammed cities are London, Moscow and New York. It’s amazing how social media has taken over the power to influence travel preferences.

Various ‘unknown’ tourist spots have also increased in tourism with the help of Instagram. Lake Wanaka, a small town in New Zealand, gained a 14% increase in tourism with the help of Instagram publicity.


While Instagram’s influence may stem from the desire to please or impress peers, there are many others who see it as authentic travel recommendations from fellow social media users, be it peers or influencers. Its probably hard to find a travel company that hasn’t tapped into influencer marketing. This leads us to the next point. Instagram’s influence on travel in…

Bringing new jobs to the industry

Influencer marketing has played a huge role in marketing travel locations and activities. Millennials nowadays are always looking for new and unique experiences, and travel companies are leveraging on these ideas to attract the masses.

Some of the top followed accounts on Instagram include travel accounts such as French Youtuber and photographer, Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl), and travel influencer, Angelica Blick (@angelicablick).

Furthermore, drone photo and videography has grown to become a popular way of showcasing travel experiences. Instagrammers love taking such shots and travel sites have grown to follow along such trends. Travel companies have introduced new roles in the industry to enhance user’s social media experience. Such roles include drone experts and extreme travel photographers.

The power of Instagram seems to be constantly growing. What else will Instagram change?

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