The Instagram Effect on FOOD

We hope you enjoyed our previous article on The Instagram Effect on Travel! Today, we will be exploring its effects on FOOD!

Don’t we all love eating? But won’t the food taste so much better if it was Instagram worthy?

Do you share these thoughts? Well, its not surprising given how vastly Instagram has affected our food trends. We’ve all probably been guilty of the Instagram effect without realising it. Let’s take a look and see exactly how Instagram has affected food.

Our Eating Preferences

You chance upon a picture of a mouth watering cheesy pizza while scrolling through Instagram, the cravings act up and in the next minute you’re on your way to the nearest pizza joint. Does this sound like you? The nature of the quick and easy photo sharing platform has allowed itself to gain control over our food choices. The F&B industry recognises this, and uses this tool as an advantage to attract customers.

To further emphasise this, the Vegan community saw a growth in population by 360% over the last year. The sight of the leafy, bright and colourful, photogenic vegan meals began to appeal to the masses. A diet we thought was bland and boring actually seemed like it could be tasty and enjoyable – and not forgetting the exciting factor of health!

Bingsu, Mentaiko sauce, Salted egg snacks, and now brown sugar. Sounds familiar? Did you happen to purchase any one of these foods before? These are just some food trends that broke the internet over the past few years. Instagram food bloggers and celebrity chefs do seem to have an amazingly strong impact on us.

The Aesthetics of Food

Instagram food ranges from rainbow coloured, chocolate dripping ‘freakshakes’ to green, leafy, carb-free salad bowls. Well, most of these “Instagrammable” foods can be classified under food-baits that restaurants use to entice us – they don’t necessarily taste good and can be extremely unhealthy, but they definitely look good! Or should I say – Insta-worthy?

Well, food has certainly become more photogenic since posting food pictures on Instagram became a thing. Chefs are now deliberately putting in extra effort into their food to ensure that their food makes it online.


On the other hand, restaurants also seem going in for a serious debate. As much as they love attracting new customers, they don’t just want customers coming in just to tick a photo off their list. Chefs want to be known for making it to Instagram because their food was seriously delicious, not because it looked great on Instagram. I guess in reality, most of us would pick substance over appearance for that matter.

Snapping a picture of our food has become a normal habit in our daily lives. In some ways, it might have improved the overall aesthetics of ourselves, but has it also ruined our dining experiences?


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