The Great Singapore Sale – and 5 Stores to Visit!

Have the bright red “SALE” posters and banners inside and outside shops caught your eye yet?

Attention all–The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is currently taking place!

For the uninitiated, the GSS is an event held in Singapore where major brands slash their prices and are sold at great discounts. This event has already begun, and will last for a period of over nearly two months from 8 June to 12 August. Every summer, shopping-obsessed Singapore invites everyone to take part in these irresistible sales. If you happen to be in town during this period, you’re in luck! You will get to enjoy huge discounts on a myriad of shopping and even get to enjoy unique experiences at amusement parks and restaurants at a much cheaper rate than usual.

Unsure of where to shop? Check out these 5 stores that you might want to bring your wallets to!

I. Topman

Topman (@topman_sg) is a British multinational men’s fashion retailer. Topman has over 250 stores in the United Kingdom and a further 154 stores internationally across 31 countries, including Singapore as one of its counterparts.

At Topman, hundreds of products are being launched every week, so there is no fear of fashion trends or products becoming obsolete!

Topman Singapore is also involved in the GSS and you can look forward to up to 50% off selected items!

Additionally, you can visit this site (@ to find out more about Topman’s involvement in GSS!

II. Cotton On

A brand loved by many, Cotton On’s items caters to both males and females of any age group. Their items are trendy and affordable, making it a very popular store for many to shop at. Cotton On has more than 70 stores in Singapore thus far and they are still eyeing expansion.

Their Singapore website is currently promoting the huge GSS sales that are happening.

Visit Cotton On Singapore’s site to find out more about their GSS items!

III. G2000

Founded in 1980, the G2000 Group is currently is a multi-brand specialty retailer offering a variety of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. G2000 operates under different labels, such as G2000 Man and G2000 Woman.

G2000 Singapore (@g2000sg) offers mainly workwear essentials for the modern urbanite.

Below are some examples of the sales that are currently happening.

You can also visit their Facebook page for more information and to find out more about their latest promotions for GSS!

IV. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins (@dorothyperkins_sg) is a multinational women’s fashion retailer based in the United Kingdom, with stores opened in Singapore.

Their website ( showcases all the items they sell, so before heading to the store, you can check out their local website to get a rough idea if they have what you are looking for!

Check out ( to get a sneak peek of Dorothy Perkins’ GSS sale items! Below is an example of one of the top 5 GSS picks from Dorothy Perkins.

V. Uniqlo

Uniqlo Singapore has a specific page on their website ( that promotes their GSS items, making it more convenient for customers. You can take a look at this site to find out what items are available for sale!

Do also visit their website ( and Instagram page (@uniqlosg) to browse through their other (non-sale) items too.

There is no such thing as “enough clothes” – because you can never have enough! Take a break from your hectic work and study life and be involved in the Great Singapore Sale this summer!

Visit the Great Singapore Sale website at to find out more about this overall event!

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