The Future of Instagram Marketing: Shoppable Posts

Brands and managers who have been using Instagram for their marketing purposes would have faced the same problem all these years; the lack of last click, to convert interested consumers on an Instagram post directly to the purchase site.

Multiple links in Instagram biography using Lnk.Bio

With other platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter allow users to include weblinks into their caption/ text, Instagram do not allow any form of links on all posts. The only available “linkage” is through the link in profile biography as well as the Instagram stories swipe up link available to certain Instagram accounts.

While these form of last click links are available, brands often find themselves facing low conversion rate when engaging in marketing efforts on Instagram. It is not surprising at all considering that it takes an user a couple more steps from seeing something they are interested in a post to going a biography link.

The best solution to all businesses out there would definitely be having Instagram posts that can be tagged with weblinks, either on the image or caption. It has been impossible all these years until now. The test feature was first introduced in November of 2016 but it is only until now where e-commerce partners Shopify and BigCommerce has officially announced the feature.


Shopping on Instagram with Shopify


In anticipated of the upcoming 2017 holiday season, Instagram will be joining Shopify‘s sales channel by rolling out shoppable posts on Instagram to thousands of merchants. Selected merchants can now tag their posts on Instagram app itself and direct users to the actual product page. With over 800 million monthly active users on Instagram, this is a big move for all businesses.


Discovery is at the heart of the Instagram experience. Together with Shopify, we are enabling new ways to turn discovery into exploration, allowing Instagrammers to find new things from brands they love and businesses to find opportunities to build relationships with these valuable customers,Instagram said.


The feature is currently still under testing on Instagram with selected brands. With the new feature, brands can make any of their Instagram post shoppable and provide a seamless shopping experience from discovery to purchase, all on Instagram app itself.

To find out more, visit their website here.


Shopping on Instagram with BigCommerce


BigCommerce first shared in March that their merchants would be among the first to gain access to Instagram’s new product tagging capabilities – shoppable posts, which owuld significantly enhance the entire shopping and product discovery experience in app. Just last month in September, it was official announced by BigCommerce that Instagram shopping is now being rolled out to brands in the US

Find out more about shoppable posts and some successful examples here!

We can’t wait for this game changing feature to be released for all accounts on Instagram. Till then, we can only wait patiently 🙁

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