The #EuphoriaMakeup Hashtag Trend & Its Impact on Influencer Marketing

HBO’s Euphoria has taken TV by storm, and Gen Zs are all over the storyline, the issues it tackles, the actors, and the looks they sport. The first episode aired this June and recently concluded in the first week of August, with promises of a second season. It stars @zendaya, @hunterschafer, and @alexademie alongside other incredible young talents. Since the season concluded, fans have taken to Instagram to sport their #euphoriamakeup looks, which are heavily inspired by Schafer and Demie’s characters: Jules and Maddy. So far, the hashtag has generated more than 27K posts on Instagram, and it doesn’t seem like it’s about to die anytime soon — in fact, we might be on the cusp of a new trend. 

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From this screenshot we can see that the hashtag peaked in the last week, reaching an audience of more than 17 Million people. This is a 783% increase from the previous week. I am interested in the sudden uptake of this hashtag, and the impact it can have on influencer marketing. 

What is Euphoria Makeup? 

A lot of the facebeats on the show appear to be a cross between 90s makeup looks and an Avant Garde aesthetic. Mostly, it is about bold colours, neon eyeliner, bedazzled rhinestone eyebrows, heavy lidded eyeshadow, shimmer, and harsh lines. Here is an example:

Looks portrayed by Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules

Combined with the rise of the E-Boy/Girl phase on Tik Tok and Instagram, this has been a very exciting phenomenon to watch unfold. Makeup and fashion have always been at the crux of self-expression, so it is natural that people are so taken with this trend. It is an amazing way to be creative and add dimension and complexity to outfits. 

For example, here is @aimeesong made-up for Chloe SS20 and she has used the hashtag #euphoriamakeup in homage to the rhinestone eye look that Maddy sports on the show. 

How Will This Help Brands?

Any sort of makeup trend is always going to be a big win for the beauty industry — it is just a matter of how fast brands get on this trend, and how they use it to their advantage. So far, the post with the highest engagement on Instagram containing the hashtag #EuphoriaMakeup is actually by @nyxcosmetics

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This is really clever, because the hashtag currently operates as a moodboard for people who are interested in inspiration, watching makeup tutorials or recreating certain looks. A post like the one by NYX would definitely grab their attention because it is product-centered. Thus, not only are they exposed to teachable material, they also know which brands are producing beauty tools and makeup that can help them achieve the look they want. 

When brands insert their content within collateral that is trending heavily on Instagram, they instantly become more relevant and sought after. Instagram users who follow the hashtag #EuphoriaMakeup but do not follow NYX, for example, will be exposed to their content. This puts more eyes on the brand and their products. 

Another brand that has jumped on this trend is @stellarbeautyofficial

They have recreated an Euphoria makeup look using one of their existing palettes. This is also really clever, because they are using a widespread trend to re-market products to a Gen Z audience that spends the majority of their time online. 

How Will This Help Influencers? 

Additionally, jumping on board a popular hashtag can also be really useful for up-and-coming influencers. @luizarossi is a Brazilian influencer who has used #euphoriamakeup to label some of her content. 

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The average engagement rate for all these posts is 16.6%, which is twice her average engagement and 5.5 times the average for Brazilian nano influencers

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These posts also made it to her top liked and top commented posts of the year, with the makeup tutorial generally outperforming the stagnant image. Possibly taking her cue from how well the #euphoriamakeup tutorial performed, Rossi has since posted a second tutorial and tagged the relevant brands in her post. 

Another amazing influencer we discovered using the hashtag is @rowisingh who is a beauty micro-influencer. She posts a number of bold looks on her Instagram, and this content has recently been picking up with the wave of #EuphoriaMakeup fans that are scouring the hashtag. 

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What is interesting to note is how much better her posts are performing since she started tagging @euphoria and #euphoriamakeup. 

This collage of fruit-inspired makeup looks got a 7.91% engagement rate, which is already considered fairly high when compared to industry standards. 

Her most recent collage of Euphoria looks, however, received a 28% engagement rate, which is 4 times higher than the above post and and 9 times higher than the average for American micro-influencers

We know that cosmetic brands are paying particular attention to this hashtag, so influencers who tag #euphoriamakeup on their makeup posts and tutorials have a high chance of being organically discovered by brands. 

Hashtag Culture & Its Impact on Influencer Marketing 

Knowing which hashtags are trending is equally important for both brands and influencers. This means paying attention to challenges, TV shows, events etc. and taking note of how culture can inform social media trends. The hashtag page on Instagram serves as a cache or reserve of sorts, and can function as an essential jumping off point for brands and influencers who want to position themselves as being in the thick of certain trends. 

A hashtag is key to getting your content out there, beyond the followers on your personal page. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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