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Summertime, set on the sunny Adriatic coast of Italy, is a young adult love story and so much more. The Italian series recently aired on Netflix and gives us a glimpse into the lives of 5 main characters, in a way that Italian TV hardly ever portrays. 

Here are some of our favourite things about the show: 

  1. It features a black/mixed female lead, which is something we don’t see in the Italian entertainment industry. 
  2. Our lead character’s best friend is lesbian
  3. The friendship between male and female characters are pure and caring, void of any romantic/sexual undertones that usually guide Young Adult genres. 
  4. An intimate portrayal of how mothers often have to give up their careers when they have kids, while fathers can continue as if nothing changed. In the series, Summer’s parents played in a band together, but her mother had to renounce her musical career while her father kept playing. This is both a patriarchal and sexist issue: the life of fathers before and after having kids remains the same while mothers have to go through the process of grieving their lives as they once knew it. 

In fact, the final point was a discussion that Rachel Cargle (@rachel.cargle) incidentally led on her Instagram account. 

The result was an open, vulnerable, non-judgmental conversation between mothers about their lives after having children. A common response that came up was the disjunct between men and women’s lives after having children. 

1 – Summer — Rebecca Coco | 69K Followers 

2 – Alessandro — Ludovico Tersigni | 226K Followers

3 – Sofia — Amanda Campana | 104K Followers

4 – Dario — Andrea Lattanzi | 31.1K Followers

5 – Edo — Giovanni Maini | 67.2K Followers

6 – Blue — Alicia Edogamhe | 8.2K Followers

7 – Isabella — Thony (Federica Caiozzo) | 11.4K Followers

8 – Summer’s Dad — Alberto Malanchino | 8.7K Followers

If you enjoy vibrant characters and a non-mainstream storyline, Summertime is the show for you. And if you were moved by the discussion on motherhood, check out the second part of the discussion here:

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Written by Deesha Menon

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