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Just last Friday (22nd Nov), Netflix dropped the first season of ‘Singapore Social’, a reality TV show which stars a number of local influencers. Content critique of the show aside, I’m interested in how this series might have boosted the online presence of a number of these influencers, and whether starring on a local TV show has the unprecedented impact on audience growth that we have seen for breakout stars on other shows, in other countries. Previously we covered the cast of Euphoria, Sex Education, Suits, Black-ish, and When They See Us, which seem to suggest that Netflix can have an incredibly positive impact on Instagram follower growth. 

1 – Sukki Singapora | @sukkisingapora

Sukki Singapora has the largest following amongst all the cast members, and is Singapore’s first Burlesque dancer. Not to mention she’s also got really funky hair. 

Singapora’s growth rate is also the most dynamic of the lost, and she has experienced the highest follower growth in the shortest time. 

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Seeing as she has a very interesting backstory, it is no surprise that Sukki’s Instagram account has witnessed this sort of activity. 

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2 – Mae Tan | @marxmae

Next is Mae — a well-known influencer who has collaborated with brands like Prada, Off White, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and more. Her chart is also what we would expect: a peak post-22nd November. 

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Her Instagram feed is aesthetic and curated, a fine balance of edge and film. 

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She has experienced a 600% increase in audience growth rate.

3 – Tabitha Nauser | @tabithanauser

Tabitha Nauser is no stranger to the screen. She is an actor, a radio DJ, a singer, as well as a theatre practitioner and is signed to Sony Music. Nauser is a well-positioned influencer in Singapore, and her role on Singapore Social might just be what gives her the boost she needs. 

Like Foster, her audience growth witnessed a peak immediately after the show premiered. 

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She has since moved from 50K followers (the cusp of a nano influencer) to 53.3K, and we foresee that it will grow even more as the media continues to talk about Singapore Social. 

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4 – Paul Foster | @paulfosterrr

Foster is a local actor, host, and philanthropist. With 23.6K followers, he is considered a nano-influencer by Singaporean industry standards. Interestingly, he also has the largest % of Singaporean followers amongst the entire cast. 

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It is clear that Netflix audiences have taken to Foster on the show: from this graph we see that his follower count increased very obviously immediately after the show premiered. He gained a total of 1.1K followers since the debut of Singapore Social, thus also increasing his Incremental No. of Followers by almost 500%. 

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5 – Vinny Sharp | @vinnysharp

For YouTube fans and beard fans alike, Vinny Sharp (Vinesh Nagrani) would be a familiar face. His audience growth was not as exponential, but nevertheless he has experienced a notable increase in followers since appearing on the show. 

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His Instagram feed is as aesthetic as one might expect it to be — curated and polished. 

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His average growth rate post-Netflix is a solid 15%. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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