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If you’ve heard of Euphoria, watched it, loved it, cried to it, then you must have felt some sort of connection to one or more of the stunningly portrayed characters in the series. In our previous article on the same topic, we looked at the #EuphoriaMakeup hashtag as it unfolded on Instagram. This time, we dig deeper into each of the main characters and examine their general performance on social media. 

1 – Rue Bennett | @zendaya

Source: Elite Daily 

With 62.5M followers, Zendaya is no stranger to the screen. It is interesting to note that she has managed to maintain an engagement rate of 6.37% on her posts, which is very rare for a mega or celebrity influencer. This is double the average engagement for American celebrity influencers and 1.5 times the average for nano influencers (typically considered to have better engagement).  

Another interesting feature of Zendaya’s account is the fact that she continues to experience constant & significant audience growth patterns. 

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In the 2 months following the release of Euphoria on HBO US, her audience increased by 4.2 Million in total — her largest increase in following this whole year. Additionally, the engagement rate on all posts containing the account mention @euphoria averaged a good 3.9%. 

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Unsurprisingly, the majority of Zendaya’s audience is female and aged between 25-35. She speaks to the millennials whose experiences are reflected in a lot of the roles she plays on screen — especially with Euphoria. 

2 – Nate Jacobs | @jacobelordi

Source: Eddy Chen/HBO

Jacob Elordi might be considered a breakout star considering he’s only acted in one other role prior (The Kissing Booth) (who even knew) but nevertheless he’s already aggregated a good 6.4M followers on Instagram. On Euphoria, Elordi plays Nate who is a jock and the classic manifestation of toxic masculinity. Of course there is always more than meets the eye in complex TV shows like such but we leave you to decide how multifaceted his character turns out to be. 

Despite being Australian, his follower distribution is fairly diverse: 

It is also no surprise that 67% of his followers are female. 

Just last month, Elordi scored a collaboration with @calvinklein and this post went on to become his top liked and top commented post of the year. Engagement Rate: 32.3%. Satisfaction Rate: 100%. 

3 – Kat Hernandez | @barbieferreira

After Elordi in terms of No. of Followers is Barbie Ferreira with 1.5 Million. She plays Kat on the show, whose character deals most pointedly (and poignantly) with body image issues. The series also does not shy on it’s discussions of sexuality, and Kat pulls us into a world of self-discovery and self-acceptance both on the outside and inside. 

Ferreira’s average Engagement Rate of 14.52% is extremely commendable and is more than 5 times the industry standard for celebrity influencers. She is also one of the ambassadors for @adidasoriginals and here she poses in the #OZWEEGO: 

Since her premiere on Euphoria, Ferreira has been shot by multiple style magazines including @instylemagazine and @dazed, and continues to disrupt beauty standards on a daily basis. Like Elordi, majority of her followers are female, but for completely different reasons. 

Ferreira is the body positive queen we don’t deserve but got anyway and for that TV is indebted.

4 – Maddy Perez | @alexademie

Source: Eddy Chen/HBO

Of all the cast members, Demie actually has the highest Engagement Rate of 35.52%. She currently has 1.2 Million followers and has also experienced the fastest average audience growth (62.27%) out of everyone on this list. 

Without having to reveal too much, Demie plays Maddy who is Nate’s on-again-off-again girlfriend and she often finds herself bearing the brunt of his emotional shortcomings. 

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Her following picked up immediately after the show premiered and went from an average increase of 4% to more than 300%. 

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Maddy’s top performing post on Instagram is this 90s noir heavy lidded glitter look and it performed at a 55.5% engagement rate. This means that she got more than half the number of likes on the post than she has followers, which is extremely rare for a macro/celebrity influencer. 

Do yourself a favour and watch her 90s inspired makeup tutorial on Vogue’s YouTube channel. 

5 – Jules Vaughn | @hunterschafer

Source: Eddy Chen/HBO

Jules is one of my favourites, and her character is heavily informed by Schafer’s real life experiences as a transwoman. Her story is one of self-discovery and negotiating life in a new space / community. She also has some of the coolest makeup looks on the show. 

Schafer’s audience growth has also been extremely commendable and reached its peak of 836% growth rate in June, which is the same month that the show premiered. This tells us that audiences took very well to her character, both on and off screen. 

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With 1 Million followers, her average Engagement Rate of 12.65% is also 4 times higher than the average for influencers in her tier.

As a young transwoman, Schafer adds a great deal of necessary depth and representation to the show. She’s already been snatched to model for a bunch of brands including @coach, @tommyhilfiger, @dior etc. and we won’t be surprised to see more. 

6 – Cassie Howard | @sydney_sweeney


Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, is your typical pretty, popular girl. More than that, however, her character is pivotal in shedding light on the relationship between sex and reputation, especially with regards to how much it differs across gender. 

Sweeney has about 1 Million followers and an Engagement Rate of 13.83%. She is also one of the few on this list to have more than half her followers in the US. 

Often this is something that local brands look for when they intend to work with breakout celebrities in film and TV. Like all the other cast members so far, we see an obvious peak in audience growth right after the show premiered. 

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Compelling characters always make an impression on their audiences, thus encouraging a genuine interest in the actor beyond the screen. Another cool thing to note about Sweeney is the fact that she has collaborated with a number of luxury brands since her debut on HBO. 

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One of her Top Performing posts this year is a paid partnership with @asos.

7 – Gia Bennett | @stormreid

Source: Eddy Chen/HBO

In the show, Gia is played by Storm Reid who made her acting debut in A Wrinkle in Time. She is Rue’s sweet and concerned younger who looks up to her despite Rue’s addiction throughout the series. 

We see a lot of fitness related content on Reid’s Instagram and at the age of 16, she has already scored collaborations with @nike and @prada

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A big proportion of her followers come from the US, so like Sweeney, she is a celebrity that brands will look out for when seeking faces for their local ambassador campaigns. 

Reid is poised for a successful career in acting. 

8 – Chris McKay | @itsalgee

Source: Eddy Chen/HBO

Algee Smith plays McKay who is Nate’s friend (though they don’t always share the same philosophies) and Cassie’s love interest. He sheds light on the realities of graduating and being a freshman while all the other characters remain in high school. 

Smith’s Top-Performing hashtags on Instagram are related to his EP, because he is actually also a musician. He’s got 3 albums out so far titled Detroit, ATL, and Listen. 

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Like the others, Smith’s sharpest peak in audience growth came after the premiere of Euphoria, and he now averages a 4.22% growth rate, which is very healthy for a macro influencer. 

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9 – Lexi Howard | @maudeapatow

Source: Eddy Chen/HBO

Maude Apatow plays Lexi who is Cassie’s younger sister and Rue’s childhood friend. She is generally one of the more level-headed characters in the series, and functions as the moral backbone in this microcosm of society that Euphoria presents. 

For someone who’s been acting since 2005, it is notable that Apatow’s audience growth was so massive this year. 

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Her peak only came in August, which is 2 months later than everyone else — this could possibly be because she was a guest on the @colbertlateshow

Apatow shoots on film quite a lot, and her Top Liked and Commented post of the year is a series of behind-the-scenes images she took for the finale of Euphoria. 

This post got a 21.5% engagement rate which is not only remarkably high considering the she is not actually in it, but is also more than double her average

10 – AshTray | @onwardwanna

Source: W Magazine

Euphoria’s most surprising and talked about character is AshTray, played by Javon Walton, who is Rue’s child drug dealer. Despite having the smallest social media presence, 235K followers is honestly quite a good number. He is portrayed as having face tattoos and his position as an underaged dealer is never actually questioned in the show — we are meant to take it as is, which inherently pushes us to question the social and economic order of certain things. 

In real life, however, Walton is actually a junior boxing champion. What a #ripped child. 

Nevertheless his top-performing content is Euphoria related, which also explains why the majority of his audience is a lot older than him; more than 50% of his followers are aged between 18-35

All in all, the show is a sensitive meditation on what it’s like to be young in the world and to live with complexities & concerns that aren’t talked about enough in mainstream media. It teaches us love, fear, solidarity, and a great deal of pain. We must choose who we are and what we want. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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