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The Season Finale for Black-ish Season 5: Relatively Grown Man was just released yesterday.


The family sit-com, which has been nominated for (and won) countless awards including the prestigious Golden Globe Awards, brings viewers through the life of a black family living in an upper-middle class neighbourhood in the United States. This is not your run-of-the-mill sit-com however, as Black-ish takes a straightforward yet lighthearted approach towards addressing some highly sensitive topics that others might shy away from. This includes topics on police brutality in the States as well as derogatory terms. The show’s honesty with regard to such issues has undoubtedly struck a chord with viewers, making it one of the most popular sit-coms around.

Aside from its bold concept and long list of award nominations, this must-watch family comedy is filled with an amazing cast – some of which are even big stars on Instagram, as I found after looking at Popular Chips Analytics Platform.

1) Anthony Anderson (Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson)

Anthony Anderson, who plays one of the main casts on Black-ish, is well-loved for his character as Dre Johnson. Since taking up the role in 2014, his Instagram has seen a steady growth of followers.

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His interaction with co-star Tracee Ellis Ross (who plays his wife Rainbow Johnson in Black-ish) off-screen is also clearly loved by fans, as seen from a post featuring a short clip of the two co-stars grooving to some music.

The clip was his second most liked post of all time and his top commented post.

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Fun Fact: In an interview, Yara Shahidi commented that the cast of Black-ish would often have random dance battles and Anthony proved to have a number of moves under his sleeve. What other hidden talents could this multi-faceted star have?

2) Tracee Ellis Ross (Rainbow Johnson)

This amazing actress who won the Golden Globe Awards for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy in 2017, is a huge celebrity on Instagram with 6.6M followers.

Being one of the main casts on Black-ish, she has shown much love for the show and her fellow co-stars on Instagram. Her followers also show an appreciation for the show and the bond between members, as her top three posts with the highest engagement features images with various members of the cast.

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With all the love that Black-ish and Tracee Ross have been receiving from fans, ABC has decided on a prequel spin-off titled ‘Mixed-ish’ featuring Tracee Ross. The spin-off, set in the 80s, will revolve around the life and experiences of Rainbow Johnson as she grows up in a mixed-race family. Following the launch of Grown-ish in 2018 featuring Yara Shahidi, this is the second spin-off from Black-ish, proving the popularity of the parent show.

3) Yara Shahidi (Zoey Johnson)

Yara Shahidi, who plays the oldest daughter of the Johnson family, gained much recognition for her character on the show. I found that her popularity is also reflected on her Instagram account, where the star sees a very healthy audience growth over the years.

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Her engagement rate of 4.31% is also much higher than that of the average benchmark of 3.61% in the United States, showing her ability to post content engaging and relevant to her followers.

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Besides being a popular actress, off-screen, Yara is an activist and a bright student who has been accepted to the prestigious Ivy League college of Harvard University. She supports social causes such as diversity in Hollywood and education for girls, and was actively involved in the education initiative Let Girls Learn, proving her dedication to the cause.

Data from Popular Chips reveal that more than 50% of her followers fall within the age range of 18 to 35 years old and almost 60% of her followers are females.

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This is a clear testimony that her success as a young woman and active participation in social causes such as that mentioned above has made her a role model among her peers.

4) Marcus Scribner (Andre Johnson, Jr.)

Marcus Scribner takes on the role of one of the Johnson kids in Black-ish, and reprises his role in the spin-off Grown-ish.

Marcus entered the acting scene at the young age of 10. Since his debut, he has taken on multiple supporting roles in a variety of shows and movies, including a voice-over for Buck in the cartoon ‘The Good Dinosaur’.

Like all young adults, Marcus is highly active on Instagram, with an average of 7 posts a week.

However, Marcus is far from your typical Instagram user. In fact, he boasts a high engagement rate of 5.05%, as compared to the average of 3.9%.

He has also a Like Rating of B, higher than the average Like Rating of C for influencers with a similar number of followers.

Fun Fact: Like his character in Black-ish, Marcus Scribner off-screen is also son to a black father and mixed-race mother.

5) Marsai Martin (Diane Johnson)

This talented, young mogul needs little introduction.

Known for her incredible talent in acting, Marsai Martin was signed to an agency at the age of 5. At 14 years old, she then made her debut as the youngest Executive Producer. This year, she will be starring in the comedy movie ‘Little’ as little Jordan Sanders.

This girl is also a mammoth on Instagram, with an engagement rate of 11.64%, which is more than 3 times the average for celebrity influencers.

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She also enjoys a Like Rating of A, despite the average influencers’ being C.

This highlights Marsai’s unbelievable ability as an influencer to identify the content that resonates with followers and constantly create engaging and appealing content.

There is truly and absolutely nothing this young girl can’t do.

6) Deon Cole (Charlie Telphy)

Deon Cole, the only one in the list whose character does not belong to the Johnson family, is a master of his craft. Not only is Deon known for being a famous stand-up comedian, he has also made his mark as a writer. He has received nominations on the Emmy Awards as a writer twice, and was first cast as the writer for Charlie Telphy before actually playing the role. Can you imagine someone else playing Charlie in Black-ish?


I certainly can’t and I don’t think fans of the show can either.

In fact, fans have taken to Deon’s Instagram to show their immense support for both the show and the lovely, talented cast, as his top liked post of all time features the cast of Black-ish winning the NAACP awards.

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As Season 5 of this critical and popular comedy draws to a close, I am certain that fans of the show are already eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new season. For those who are dying to catch the cast in action, check out Grown-ish, which will be back in the summer to wrap up the second-half of Season 2.

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