The Cast of AHS Season 8 on Instagram

Season 8 is reported to be set in the future.

American Horror Story season 8 is set to return in the second half of this year! If you’re not already familiar with this amazing anthology series, American Horror Story (AHS) presents its viewers with a different horror theme every season. In 2017, AHS concluded its spine chilling story of “Cult” and in this coming season, the story is set to be in the future.

While most details about the show are still shrouded in mystery, some of the cast and crew have been revealed. Today, we take a peek at the Instagram accounts of these actors and actresses who will be bringing the story to life once again.

1. Sarah Paulson

Where do we even begin with Ms Sarah Paulson. This talented and beautiful leading lady has played many characters in the series. From portraying a kind and powerful Cordelia Foxx in the season “Coven” to twins with different personalities in “Freak Show”, Paulson leads the cast and makes her directorial debut this coming season.

Paulson has been with the cast since season 1 and we can’t wait to see who this veteran portrays in this coming story!

2. Evan Peters

Another old-timer, Peters has been cast in many roles since the series began in 2011. Playing the notorious Kai Anderson in “Cult” and the ghost of a serial killer in “Hotel”, Peters kills it (pun intended) in each and every role he takes on.

Outside his work as a regular cast member on AHS, Peters also portrays Quiksilver in the new X-Men movies.

3. Cheyenne Jackson

Having been on the cast since his days as Will Drake on “Hotel”, Jackson is slated to return this coming season!

Jackson’s Instagram feed also constantly features his beautiful kids, Willow and Ethan, so if adorable babies are your thing, Jackson’s page is the way to go!

4. Billy Eichner

One of the newer cast members of the AHS family, Billy Eichner played Harrison Wilton in “Cult”.

When he isn’t on set spooking people with his portrayal as a loyal follower of Kai Anderson, Eichner is also a host on “Billy on the Street” a comedy game show! Now isn’t that a big switch in character!

5. Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman is another new cast member who recently joined the show for its “Cult” season. This actress has a pretty spiffy page if I do say so myself!

6. Adina Porter

This self-proclaimed “Proud Mom of 2” will return to AHS season 8! Adina Porter portrayed Beverly Hope in season 7 and will continue to be a regular cast member.

Having worked on many other television shows (True Blood, The 100 etc.) this actress left audience wanting more by the end “Cult”. Thankfully, she’ll be back again this season and we certainly look forward to her performance the day AHS Season 8 drops!

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7. Joan Collins (DBE)

This award winning British actress, author and producer is one of the highlights for this season. It has been revealed that she will play someone’s grandmother in the series. The 85 year old wonder woman (again, pun intended) has been in the acting scene since 1951 and shows no signs of slowing down.

She even has her own Instagram account, aptly named joancollinsdbe.

For those of us who aren’t familiar, this means that she is a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

We hope that you’re just as excited as us for the new season of American Horror Story! In the meantime, do check out these actors and actresses on their Instagram pages!

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