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Indian American TV viewers around the world rejoice. Mindy Kaling’s coming-of-age Netflix series Never Have I Ever has finally premiered. The 10 episode comedy stars a lot of new faces and is loosely based on Kaling’s experiences as a first generation Indian American teen. When the teaser dropped in March, we knew the series was going to be something worth waiting for. It opens with main character Devi Vishwakumar kneeling at an altar of Hindu gods (and a chemistry textbook). “What’s poppin’?”, she asks before praying for a “stone cold hottie who can rock me all night long”. Relatable. 

Each of these faces were handpicked by Kaling herself, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the cast of Never Have I Ever. 

1 – Devi Vishwakumar — Maitreyi Ramakrishnan | 62.4K Followers 

Maitreyi plays Devi, the main character, and it is important to know that she is Tamil too. It’s important for the cast to reflect the characters (and vice versa), so this casting choice is #approved. Since the premiere of Never Have I Ever just yesterday, Maitreyi’s audience has grown by 216.24%. 

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That spike at the end represents the 32.7K follower growth that she charted in just 24 hours. Obviously fans have taken to our hot-headed, well-spoken, slightly sex-crazed main star of the show. 

This series of screenshots from the show is her Top Performing post of the year (a good thumbnail goes a long way 😉). 

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It also received the most number of likes and comments, making the total Engagement Rate on this post 19.4%. This is slightly higher than her average of 11.26% and both these metrics are between 3-6 times higher than the industry average for nano influencers in the US. 

2 – Nalini Vishwakumar — Poorna Jagannathan | 18.3K Followers

Next is Nalini, Devi’s slightly unconventional immigrant mother who is played by Poorna Jagannathan. Poorna is not new to the screen, and her other roles include HBO’s The Night Of and Big Little Lies. She also stars in the highly acclaimed Bollywood comedy Delhi Belly.

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Poorna’s audience has also grown quite significantly since the show premiered, and she charts a 13.8% growth rate. For someone who doesn’t post too often, this is very impressive. 

Her Top Performing post this year are pictures of her off-screen and on-screen families on Vishu (the South Indian new year). As you might have guessed, the majority of her followers are from the US and India. 

3 – Mohan Vishwakumar — Sendhil Ramamurthy | 33K Followers 

Third in the Vishwakumar trio is Mohan, Devi’s loving father. He has been on both Heroes and The Office, where he played Mindy Kaling’s on-screen boyfriend in the show’s final seasons. Talk about breaking the fourth wall!

His Top Performing post this year is also this lovely Vishwakumar family picture. Sendhil has got quite the international audience, but this is no surprise considering his long standing presence on American TV. 

4 – Fabiola — Lee Rodriguez | 15.7K Followers 

After we meet the Vishwakumars we are introduced to Devi’s girl gang. Fabiola is played by Lee Rodriguez who’s acting is so smooth it’s hard to believe this is her first major gig. Despite dressing like a Subaru salesperson, Fabiola is a fan favourite. 

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Her audience growth in the last two days has been exponential — she started April with slightly over 3K followers but now has 28K, which is an increase of 733%. 

Her Top Performing post is this picture of her and her crew:

We won’t be surprised to see Rodriguez on screen a lot more. 

5 – Eleanor — Ramona Young | 41.8K Followers 

Every character has their quirks, and with her single feather earrings, print-on-print ensembles and drama club energy, Eleanor might just take the cake. Her character is played by Ramona Young who has played small roles in other TV shows. 

She charts a 42% audience growth in the last two days:

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Her Top Performing Post this year is a picture of her looking like Post Malone….and we’re not sure why. Either if you’re looking for a good laugh and fun style, her Instagram account is a must follow. 

6 – Paxton Hall-Yoshida — Darren Barnet | 91.7K Followers 

Finally we meet the heartbreaker: Paxton who is played by Darren Barnet. No coming-of-age young adult series is complete without some shirtless scenes featuring a conventionally attractive man so if you haven’t watched the series yet, here is something to look forward to. 

His audience has grown by 16.3% in the last two days since the show premiered. 

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Fans might also be interested to know that Barnet has been quite outspoken about the COVID-19 pandemic, and continually encourages his followers to practise social distancing and stay at home. 

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7 – Kamala — Richa Moorjani | 17.5K Followers 

Kamala is Devi’s hot cousin who is finishing up her PhD in Biology. She attracts a lot of attention — much to Devi’s despair — and has quite a compelling character arc. She is played by Richa Moorjani who was a guest star on The Mindy Project. 

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Richa’s audience grew by 4K in just a day. Her Instagram account is a great place to be, and she regularly documents her dance passion, cooking adventures, travels, as well as her newly married life. 

Here is her Top Performing post of 2020:

It got a 10.5% Engagement Rate, which is more than 3 times higher than the industry average for nano influencers in the US. 

8 – Ben Gross — Jaren Lewison | 29.5K Followers 

Last but not the least is Ben Gross, Devi’s arch nemesis played by Jaren Lewison. The duo are constantly trying to outperform each other, whether socially or academically. Out of everyone in this list, Jaren has the highest number of followers in the US.

His audience has also grown very significantly this month. While he began April with 2.8K followers, he now has close to 30K thanks to Never Have I Ever, making his growth rate 928% in total. 

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Tune in for a hilarious but heartwarming competition between two 15 year olds. 

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