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After some time you have been watching a TV Series, you start wondering if the actors are just as funny or captivating in real life. Well, for sure, the Big Bang Theory cast is as much fun to follow on Instagram as it is to watch them on TV! So here’s a quick roundup on whom to follow on Instagram from the cast of the Big Bang Theory.


12. Leslie Winkle – Sara Gilbert

Best scientist girlfriend ever! Unforgettable her “Call me!”


11. Wil Wheaton – Wil Wheaton

From archenemy to arch-friend.

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I'm Batman.

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10. Emily Sweeney (Raj’s girlfriend) – Laura Spencer

Great on TBBT and Bones too!


9. Barry Kripke – John Ross Bowie

Loved his Robot for the Killer Robot challenge! Go Kripke!

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#PCAT16 photo by @liezlwashere

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8. Stuart Bloom – Kevin Sussman

Vividly managed to convince each one of us that even if it’s cool, running a Comic-book Store is not always a piece of cake.

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Alas, poor Yorick…

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7. Amy Farrah Fowler – Mayim Bialik

Amy. Our favorite female character! PS: she’s really has a Ph.D..
Her best memorable quotes:
Aah, here’s the alcohol and drug peer pressure mother warned me about. I was starting to think it was never going to happen.”
“A guest in my trundle bed and a boy at my door? I wish I could tell 13-year-old me, it does get better!”


6. Bernadette Rostenkowski – Melissa Rauch

The only one who could “tame” Wolowitz!


5. Rajesh Koothrappali (Raj) – Kunal Nayyar

Wolowitz’s wife. No wait…

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Raj. Dressed and ready for ladies. #tbbt200

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4. Howard Wolowitz – Simon Helberg

Our Spaceman!

3. Penny – Kaley Cuoco

Still can’t believe she falled for Leonard.


2. Leonard Hofstadter – Johnny Galecki

The King of the Nerds!


1. Sheldon Cooper – Jim Parsons

We had to sign an author-subject agreement before publishing this. 40 pages, front and back and including clauses for future commitments in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.


*BONUS* The Big Bang Theory Official Instagram account – The Big Bang Theory

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