The art of Influencer marketing: Building long-term relationships

When brands engage influencers in their marketing campaigns, they are often more inclined to work with new influencers on a one-time basis. However, do you know that influencer campaigns will be a lot more effective when you are working with individual influencers on a long-term basis? I believe that relationships between brands and influencers should be more than just a one night stand.

Potential Macro-influencers

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Every micro-influencer is considered a potential macro-influencer. Of the many micro-influencers, one might just be the next Kendall Jenner (95M followers). If brands are able to identify them before they become Macro, they have got themselves a big fish. Monetarily speaking, when brands strike a long-term deal with micro-influencers before they turn into the next Kardashian, brands will be saving millions in investment. Plus, brands get a much better value for money when working with a small but engaged community which may eventually become huge. Since these micro-influencers’ followers will most likely become a fan of the brand they are working with, while their communities grow, the brands’ communities grow with them too.

Attitude of influencers

When influencers are working with a brand on a long-term basis, they are usually more involved in the brand. They are more willing to understand the brand’s values and learn about their products voluntarily in order to produce quality contents for their followers. Influencers will also be more willing to provide valuable insights from a consumer perspective to help improve the brand’s products. In this case, a long-term partnership with influencers will have higher success in generating engagement and sales for brands.

Influencers’ choice

Working with influencers are not just about the brand’s choice, influencers have to agree to work with the brand in the first place. To understand an influencer’s choice of brand to work with, we have to understand the revenue model of influencers first. Influencers do not have a fixed paycheque, thus monetary stability is crucial to them, especially micro-influencers. Therefore, a majority of influencers are more favourable towards a long-term partnership with brands rather than a one time off deal. One of the most long live and prominent collaboration is between Nikkie Tutorials and Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics with a total collaboration of 249 times.

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Also, when influencers work with too many brands at once, it may come off as inauthentic. Their followers, who are mainly millennials, can spot ads made for money in a second. Such reputations are bad for Influencers and they obviously do not want to be jumping from one brand to another regularly. Thus, with their own interest in mind, influencers will be more keen on working with brands that can offer them a long-term partnership.

Quality of content

When the audience of an influencer is constantly exposed to a brand, they will not be seeing the brand at a sponsored level, but instead, on an organic level. Therefore, the brand may become a part of the influencer’s brand, making the influencer seem like an ambassador for the brand. One such example would be James Charles(7.9M followers) and Morphe.

“Use code ‘James’ for 10% off your purchases for all morphe brushes” is almost a tagline of James’s. The continuous repetition of a brand name from an influencer across multiple social platforms is a great testament to the quality of the brand and it shows the influencer’s genuine love for the brand. Just by mentioning James Charles, people will be thinking of Morphe. Such top of mind recall is priceless for any brand to obtain. While paying influencers for a long-term partnership, brands are also getting exponential increases in sales. Thus, building a long-term relationship with influencers is a mutual win-win for both brands and influencers.


With all that said, I understand some of the reasons why brands are scared to have long-term partnerships with influencers. It all comes down to it all comes down to choosing the right influencers for your brand. Brands should be finding influencers that adore and understand their brands organically. To learn on that, you can check this post out.

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