The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on Social Media

From the 9th to the 25th of February this year, the Winter Olympics were held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Now that the events have come to a close, let us take a look at some of the highlights on social media, particularly some of those that do not involve the competing athletes themselves.

I. Soohorang (수호랑), the official mascot

What could be more popular on social media than the affable Soohorang, the official mascot for the 2018 Winter Olympics? This post, with several mascots gathered together to take a photograph backstage before making their final appearance in the closing ceremony, garnered 42914 likes and 685 comments as of the time of writing.

The marketing team of the Pyeongchang Olympics appears to have done their best to anthropomorphize the mascot. Thanks to their efforts, Soohorang has received much love over the Olympic season, with many posts on social media about its antics, such as the ones below.

. 피리어드끝나고 휴식시간에 애교부리는 #수호랑 . #PyeongChang2018 #soohorang #icehockey #?

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A doll version of the mascot was even given to Olympic medalists in place of the flower wreaths that were handed to the medalists in the past.

Mikaela Shiffrin with her Soohorang doll [Image courtesy of The Independent]
Soohorang also made a final appearance in the closing ceremony in drone form.

#PyeongChang2018 #soohorang #수호랑 ❤

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It also appeared on stage, holding the hand of Hodori, the mascot of the 1988 Summer Olympics, which was held in South Korea.

Soohorang holding Hodori’s hand [Image courtesy of No Cut News]

II. EXO at the closing ceremony

The Korean boy band’s performance during the closing ceremony has been tweeted about so many times that the hashtag #Olympics_EXO continues to trend with several million tweets in various countries across the world.

Some of the tweets showed the boys backstage, waiting for their turn to perform.

Many of the tweets came from fans of EXO, who were glad that the band was being seen on an international platform and were even being mentioned in the news and on the radio.

They even received praise from some individuals who were not fans.

III. Politicians in the Winter Olympics

While the Olympics is in part a sporting competition, it is certainly also a large scale event of political interest. Many different news articles have been written about the brief unification of North and South Korea during the Olympics this year as well as about the unified Korean flag. But let’s take a look at what made it onto the social media accounts of regular people.

Here we see South Korean President, Moon Jae-In, with his wife along with American President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, Korea

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