The 10 Most-Followed Accounts On Instagram

Forget Twitter, Facebook or Blogs, if you are looking for a social platform in which you can swiftly grow your following, Instagram is your wingmate.

There’s always someone who leaves you a like. Not as on Twitter. No matter how good your tweet is, you are invariably left hanging in the air: is anybody out there?

The Forever-Alone feeling is less stronger on Facebook but yet the number of likes or followers are far superior on Instagram.

The secret for a successful social platform is the number of interactions. The more you get, the easily is for you to invest your time and attention into it.  Many Fashion Bloggers have left their bloggers to concentrate only on their Instagram accounts. Can you guess why? Easy-peasy! For they have more followers on Instagram than monthly visitors on their blogs.

Now, let’s look at this infographic I have made for you using the data provided by Popular Chips Insights’ platfrom.

The 10 Most Followed Accounts On Instagram

The singer and actress Selena Gomez is the most-followed person on Instagram with 73 million followers. Blimey! That’s a lot if you think that her following is higher than the number of inhabitants of Italy, France or United Kingdom. Yes, Selena Gomez has an entourage vaster than that of Elizabeth II, Queen of United Kingdom. Shall we coin the phrase Queen by Followers?
Anyway, Selena’s closely followed by her best gal Taylor Swift with 72 million followers.

The rest of the table is mostly made by women’s accounts. The only two guys are Justin Bieber, singer and Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend, and Cristiano Ronaldo, ranked as one of the greatest footballer of all time who plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal National Football Team.



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