Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are NOT the top Social Media stars

Since social networks have become popular, the public opinion, magazines and bloggers often use the networks’ metrics to evaluate and rank the global influence of celebrities. First, there was Facebook, then Twitter – very briefly – and nowadays Instagram which is considered the top social media for evaluating the level of influence that Stars and Celebrities have on the public. And in detail, the main data always considered to rank celebrities across Social Networks has always been the number of followers that each of them has. By merely using this data as a ranking factor, we can easily say that the top Instagram stars are in the following order: Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez.

But are they really?

The difference between Social Networks and Television is that in the latter you have no possibility to interact. On Instagram, on the other hand, users are able to like and comment a post, showing appreciation by interacting with their favorite Star. So, what is more important, having a good deal of followers or true fans who are actively interested?

With this question in mind, a new algorithm has been introduced by Popular Chips to rank the Stars’ influence in an impartial and objective manner. The algorithm relies on all these factors: audience, interaction, appreciation.

And the first results are in:


New names arise among the top stars, and only Selena Gomez (1st) makes it to the podium, while Taylor Swift ranks 4th and Kim Kardashian 17th, surpassed by the little sister Kendall Jenner 3rd.

We shouldn’t be surprised by the “Social Leaderboard” elaborated by the algorithm. In fact, Kendall currently detains the most liked post of Instagram and the interaction she averagely receives on her posts are far stronger than her big sister, despite having a smaller audience.

The 2nd place is taken by Kris Wu, the Canadian-Chinese actor and songwriter who is in the process of conquering the world. And make no mistake – Instagram is still unreachable from China, so Kris Wu’s success is completely global, not local.

Another curiosity, we can observe, is that while the top followed stars are mostly women, this new ranking highlights great male influencers like soccer stars Lionel Messi in 5th, and Neymar in 7th,  and singers Harry Styles in7thLiam Payne in 10th, and Lu Han in 6th.

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