Stand Out With Micro Influencers

We cannot stress the growing importance of micro influencers in social marketing right now. We have previously shared on why despite their small following size, they are pretty powerful in the digital space. However, their small size often cause them to be under the radar but thankfully we found a couple of ways to help brands identify them in just a few clicks.

Once again today, we are going to talk about micro influencers. With the overload of social media content, we are going to show you how brands can differentiate themselves by engaging these micro influencers and successfully promote the brand.


Create an ongoing story with them

It is not to say that brands should not work with top influencers or celebrities, but working with micro influencers allow brands to have more room to discuss and co-create unique content. Also, micro influencers have lesser brand endorsement history and provide much of a “blank canvas”. This allow first partnering brands to really build a relationship with them to create a brand story personalized and distinct to them. In general, working with micro influencers are usually…

More flexible

Celebrities usually have a style or theme that they maintain on their social media channel and that could limit their presentation of content for brand endorsement. While top tier influencers and celebrities would opt for an outfit shot featuring the clothing or them holding the product, micro influencers would be more open to creating differentiating content beyond just a simple photo. Plus, given that micro influencers cost much lesser, brands can feel free to explore different forms of content from videos to tutorials.

Here, micro influencer @ceciliagorgon not only posted on Instagram products that @glossier sent her but she had also created a blogpost review on the Glossier site to share her experience and thoughts on the products used.

Able to create distinguishing content

Top tier influencers and celebrities have always been well recognized by their fans and they usually grow their size through building a social profile and lifestyle that resonates with the mass audience. Most if not all of their social content are always well liked, hence it is not surprising to see even the most simple photo (of a meal, of a PJs) receiving hundred of thousands of likes.

Micro influencers on the other hand often come from specific verticals and build their social presence by creating specific content that sparks interest among followers of similar interest – say photography and fitness.

With a passionate attitude and ability to get down to the finest detail for their content, brands can expect to work together with these micro influencers to discuss and co-create one of a kind content that would really differentiate from all the other “more common” form of influencer marketing.


Engage them for advocacy program

One of the ways to identify a micro influencer for your brand would be to discover from your existing customer and fan base. Using tools such as the social listening (#hashtagmonitoring) from Popular Chips, brands can identify small and rising influencers who are already talking about the brand organically. These accounts could be brand enthusiasts or even everyday fans.

With top tier influencers and celebrities, engaging them costs so much and they are often not working exclusively with one brand. On the other hand, brands can build a longer and continuous relationship with these micro influencers/ fans and turn them into brand advocates.

For some cases, brands can even engage these micro influencers to engage in social media marketing efforts for free as they are already fans. Some brands are already doing so by sending newly launch products to these small influencers for free and in return, these enthusiasts are genuinely excited and take to social media with product content (Instagram stories, posts or even Youtube videos).

For Sperry, it encourages brand enthusiasts to create social content through reposting on their official account . By doing so, Sperry has access to continuous creative user generated content, identify micro influential fans and also show appreciation and recognition to its fans at the same time!

Also, Sperry has been actively working with their group of micro influencers forming the #SperryAmbassador team. These influencers do not boast the largest following (few thousands) but they are niche in their field. They consist of Sperry brand and style enthusiast, photographers as well as travellers who travels around the world in Sperry footwear.

Brands have showed us that it’s not always the bigger the influencer the better. Give micro influencers a try for your next brand campaign and see for yourself, the true value they bring to your social media marketing strategy!

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