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In this day and age of technology, virtually everyone is expressing themselves on the web in one way or another.

Photographers have swapped their film for memory cards, writers trade their typewriters for Macbooks, and store owners use their rent money buy domains.

But it’s not just professionals. The internet has given everyone the opportunity to enter the market in spite of experience.

Personally, I have a blog, Youtube account, and help run an Influencer analytics platform. And to share my work with others, I put it up on the most ubiquitous social media platform- Instagram.

If you’re anything like me with multiple links to put up on Instagram, you know what a pain it can be with its limitation of only allowing a single link to be put up on your biography.

Thankfully for me, I came across a platform which puts all my links in a single URL for my Instagram bio .

lnk bio


I don’t know how I lived my millennial life without multiple links on Instagram. And I’m not the only fan. These guys are too.

davidart(source: @david_art)                              
gettyphotography(source: @gettyphotography)


(source: @haydensummerall)

Setting up is a breeze. And for a tech-idiot like me to say it, you better believe it.

All you gotta do is visit and follow the steps.


1. Log in via Instagram or email



2. Add as many links as you like



3. Manage your links



4. Get your random url



5. Marvel at your page



What I love about Lnk.Bio the most is that it’s fuss free and can be edited anytime. This allows me to put up links to temporary campaigns and remove them easily.

The design is minimal and sophisticated, which doesn’t draw the attention away from the theme of my works.

And as if that’s not enough, it’s completely free for those who don’t mind a random url churned out.

It can even be used to cross link your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.

Do try it out yourself and let me know what you think. Leave your links in the comments below!


Written by Terri Tan

I am a quirky individual currently working with influencer marketing analytics startup, Popular Chips. I love writing about sassy and trendy topics, especially those related to marketing. Hit me up if you have any queries~

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