Snapchat Analytics Now Available for Creators

Snapchat has introduced a host of new changes to its platform recently, most of them earning the ire of its users. Chief in its most recent updates is the change in user interface. The addition of Stories to the Friends page, for an example, has been met with protests saying that it is now more difficult for users to separate the snaps they have received as directly from friends from those that have actually been taken as Stories. The Discover page has also been reworked to show content from news outlets and Snapchat celebrities.

New Snapchat interface

These updates have been so badly received by users that 1 226 920 of them (at the time of writing) have signed a petition started by user Nic Rumsey, calling for a removal of the newest update. According to TechCrunch, Snapchat is standing by its decision with regards to the new design and has promised that the new algorithm will eventually learn the Snapchatter’s use-patterns, making it more intuitive over time. It has also promised to make changes to the app over the next few weeks to deal with some of the difficulties that users have complained about.

On a more positive note, however, Snapchat has also decided to introduce Analytics for its Creators. Although it has been notorious for its unwillingness to provide its content creators with data, it seems like it is beginning to change its mind.

Content creators can now look forward to having data on the number of views received for all Stories and the View Time over period of time (day, week or month), their Stories’ reach and some demographics of their subscribers all provided within the app itself.

New Snapchat Insights interface (for Creators)

This allows Creators to better understand their target audience, which allows them to further tailor content to their audience’s preferences. This is also likely to increase opportunities for monetization as Creators are able to provide demographic information of their viewers to brands who wish to partner with them.

Of course, the important question is whether this move will persuade content creators to remain on Snapchat. With the platform-wide changes angering many Snapchat users, nudging them towards Instagram, both brands and influencers appear to have fewer and fewer reasons to stay on the platform. Will Snapchat be able to roll out changes that are user-friendly and useful enough to prompt both users and Creators to halt their exodus? That’s something we look forward to finding out.

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