Singapore’s Top Rising Influencers (Infographics)

Small influencers, big impact

Following our previous article on the Top Influencers in Singapore, here we are going to look at the Top Rising Influencers locally. They may not be huge in their fanbase but they are growing quickly and are popular among the local audience as well as brands. As the top tier influencers are getting increasingly costly to engage, these rising stars provide the best solution for brands to also engage in influencer marketing with a pocket friendly budget.

By using Popular Chips’ search engine, we came up with the following infographics by selecting influencers who has a follower size of below 50,000 and filtered them by various metrics such as highest local following, highest female audience etc

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Top percentage of local following

@JeanDanker is a radio presenter at MediaCorp’s Class 95FM, TV and events host as well as a voiceover artiste. As an avid Instagram user, Jean updates her followers regularly on the behind-the-scene life of a radio presenter and also her daily life with occasional appearance of her cute pup Biscuit.

For brands who wish to create awareness in the local market without blowing up their marketing budget, influencers such as Jean is a good bet. Always look out for the percentage of local following to avoid wasting precious marketing budget on reaching the wrong audience for a local campaign.

Top engagement rate

Having worked with several brands such as OPPO and Sephora and Lux, Sonia Tan (@okaysonz) is an up and rising local influencer that has been garnering lots of engagement from her audience with the highest engagement rate among at at 12.98% (average is around 5%)!

Engagement rate is one of the key metric in evaluating an influencers’ performance on social media as it measures the level of engagement on the influencer (and her content) which includes likes and comments for Instagram. An influencer with high engagement rate is able to post content that sparks an interest in her followers and engage them in a conversation. Brands who are able to select an influencer with high engagement rate will be able to generate more interest and awareness on the sponsored content that he/she will be posting.

Top average comments

As one of Singapore’s pioneering international singer-songwriter, Stefanie Sun (@stefsunyanzi) is a name that most, if not all Singaporeans are familiar with. Having sold more than 30 million records, she has achieved popularity across Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and also Taiwan.

Although Stefanie does not post very frequently, her occasional postings receive a huge amount of engagement, in terms of both likes and comments. Creating engaging content that is able to generate talk among followers is one of the main goals of all social media strategy for brands worldwide. For brands who hope to achieve a high level of engagement where followers comments and show interest in the brand/sponsored post, look for influencers with a high average comments rating.

Top percentage of millennials following

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It definitely comes as a surprise that Milton Goh (@miltongohblog) has the highest percentage of millennials following in Singapore given that he focuses more on sharing parenting content on his Instagram (as opposed to a regular lifestyle influencer – think OOTDs, fashion and cafe hopping). As the Top 14 Parenting Influencer in Singapore, Milton shares about his daily life as a dad to an adorable new born girl and introduces various child/family friendly products to his followers.

Millennials are a huge key market that many local and international brands are looking at. They form the biggest portion of the work force and a unique group of consumers. Millennials are also one of the first to embrace the full digital space – especially so for social media and are heavily influenced by content that they are exposed to on these spaces. Hence, brands who are interested in tapping onto the largest group of consumers should definitely consider a social media strategy and selecting an influencer who has a high millennial following.

Top female following

Fashion illustrator Grace (@grace_ciao) is known for her delicate illustrations using paints and real flowers that are simply beautiful you have to see it to believe it! Hope over to her Instagram account to see some of her most captivating pieces.

For brands looking for an influencer that is able to reach the most female audience, you know who to look for as Grace has the highest percentage of female following in the local market at 68.12% (but of course, your brand has to be in line with Grace’s style)!

Top male following

Think lifestyle, fashion and gym. 29 years old Jon’s (@jhwphay) Instagram feed is a combination of all. This gym enthusiast, who is also an accountant, has garnered a massive following for his eye catching physique and was featured on the Straits Times where he shared his fitness routine.

As an influencer in Singapore with the highest percentage of male following, brands such as Tag Heuer and My Protein have already approached him for social media marketing efforts to reach out to his followers. Brands in the fitness or male fashion related industry can definitely keep him in mind!

Influencer marketing is huge but brands should not invest blindly. Numbers are your most trusted partner before investing tens of thousand in a social media campaign, it is important to find out exactly which influencers are the best tailored for your campaign! Instead of spending huge amount of money on big influencers/celebrities, why not give these rising micro-influencers a try?

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