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Learn a tip of two on social media marketing from the World’s Favorite Airport


Voted the World’s Best Airport (2017) for the fifth year in a row, Changi Airport has bagged the international title at the World Airport Awards for the eighth time since its introduction in 2000. The Singapore Changi Airport allows travelers to experience a multitude of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences at it’s three terminals. They encompass some of the best duty-free outlets in town, wide variety of entertainment features (video game consoles, movie theatres), huge selection of local and international delicacies, as well as relaxation activities like the world’s first Butterfly Garden in an airport.

Social Media Presence – Instagram

The airport has been actively building its social media presence through it’s presence and marketing efforts across all 7 channels. As an international brand, Changi Airport wants to elevate travelers’ experience on a personal level by connecting with them on the different social media platform.

Changi Airport Instagram

A quick look at @ChangiAirport Instagram feed and you will see it is as beautiful and Insta-worthy as the actual place itself, truly living up to its international standards. With over 115k followers on Instagram (that’s about the same as an influencer), let’s take a deeper look at who are following the world’s favorite airport!

Popular Chips

As an international hub with travelers from all over the world, Changi Airport’s Instagram account has followers from a diverse mix of nationality but the main bulk comes from local audience and neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Popular Chips

It is not surprising that the largest group of following comes are millennial users as they are the top and rising segment on Instagram. However, Changi Airport’s Instagram account is also followed by older audience age 35 above (32%) which are usually not frequent users of this platform.

Now on to the highlight, lets learn some marketing tips from Changi Airport and see how this international brand is expressing itself through one of the most loved social media platform – Instagram. We made use of Popular Chip’s platform to discover Changi Airport’s top Instagram post in the past 3 months and learn how they made their social media strategy works.

Tip 1: User generated content is GOLD

The top post of Changi Airport Instagram account in the past three months is an amazing window seat shot taken by @zippyzipeng (top) and this is a great example of brands adopting user generated content to boost brand exposure and engagement. The Singapore Changi Airport has always been active in curating and featuring some of the best shots of their airport on their account. User generated content is one of the greatest asset of the digital space now and brands should make use of these to forge a connection, build and engage a community. Also, a simple interactive caption in the form of a question also engages the audiences to participate in a conversation like the one where followers are asked to share their thoughts on window seats.

Tip 2: Humanize the brand, engage your staffs

The second most liked photo features a father (Leading steward) and son from Singapore Airline and this gives the brand of Changi Airport the human and emotional element especially so during the Father’s Day season. Humanizing the brand can take various approach from featuring happy customers to business partners or even your staffs, and all these helps to build a more intimate connection with brands’ ultimate audience – consumers themselves.

Tip 3: Sneak peaks, generate hype for upcoming events

A car driving through one of the world’s best and secured airport? That’s a rare sight but definitely worth a sneak peak on Changi Airport’s Instagram account (and also this is one of the top liked post). Changi Millionaire is a yearly event that rewards consumers/travelers for their shopping and dining purchases at the airport with $1million in cash and All-New Volvo S90. Of course, Changi Airport could have simply posted an advertisement/brochure to publicize the event but that’s boring and so they brought the prize into the picture in the most epic way?

Tip 4: Go beyond normal!

Amidst all the HD and perfect Instagram shots on the Instagram feed comes a post that is so casual and cute, it almost seems like a friend of ours posted the photo! But that is one way to reach out and attract the millennial users on Instagram who plays a huge part in this social media platform. Changi Airport Insta account nailed it as this post soon became it’s top commented photo. Brands should not be afraid to go beyond the normal and traditional posts (product/promotion shots etc) and explore more lifestyle/behind the scenes options that is more appealing to the current generation that prefers more genuine content and experience.

To end off the article, we made use of Popular Chip’s social listening tool and identified some of the top performing Instagram post with the hashtag #singaporechangiairport and #changiairport. Here are some of them!

The Shila Singapore worked with Popular Chips to develop this campaign for their Shila Beauty Loft.

The Singapore Changi Airport is not just a winner in its facility and services, it is also performing well in the social media space. Check out this article where we share Changi Airport’s upcoming Insta-worthy Terminal 4!

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