Should You Care How Your Followers Are Navigating Among Your Platforms?

4 reasons why you should!

Web analytics have long been such a formidable tool for businesses to boost their sales and growth. Such tools not just allow businesses to attract new customers but also retain existing ones. But why am I talking about this on an influencer marketing blog? That’s because many influencers nowadays are also using similar tools to help boost their popularity by allowing them to find out where their followers are travelling to and from. If you are an influencer and are not already interested in monitoring your followers’ traffic, here are 4 reasons why you should be!

1. Monitor audience’s tastes and preferences

Knowing what the audience prefers allows influencers to modify their future content to better cater to their audience’s preferences. In the case of food and lifestyle bloggers like @ladyironchef and @sethluicious, monitoring their audience’s activities gives them the ability to compare the popularity of their different articles.

The pie chart allows food bloggers to identify which dishes their viewers favour more.

While it may be true that such popularity can be measured using other yardsticks such as likes, shares and comments, they may not offer the most complete analysis. Most readers tend to not leave a like, share or comment and so will not contribute to these metrics. Monitoring of page views when used in conjunction with these other metrics will offer bloggers far greater insight into the popularity of their articles. This allows them to tailor their content so as to gain a greater viewership and solicit a better response from the audience.

2. Measure the influence one social media platform has on another

Having knowledge of the flow of traffic from one platform to another allows influencers to gauge their performances so that they can tweak their methods to achieve the desired results. In the case of bloggers who are just starting their Instagram account, monitoring the traffic from their blog to Instagram page allows them to gauge the effectiveness of their publicity efforts on their blog. If they feel that their follower growth is too minimal, they can tweak their publicity efforts.

In our previous post on How to send your YouTube subscribers to Instagram, we discussed how to convert YouTube subscribers into Instagram followers. By keeping track of the traffic from YouTube to Instagram, YouTube stars will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of their previous efforts on YouTube to promote their Instagram profiles.

3. Knowing and understanding the popularity of the influencer’s lesser known platforms (e.g. Blogs)


Page views contribute to a more complete analysis of viewers’ engagement

Despite writing articles and reviews regularly on their blogs, some influencers may realise that most of their posts have not received any likes or comments except from their buddies.

Views act as a significant metric to measure popularity when there are no likes or comments.

If you were the influencer, you would wonder if any of your followers even read your blog posts and whether you should continue bothering with your blog. By being able to track their followers’ traffic to their blog, however, influencers can better gauge their blog’s popularity and decide whether they would need to promote it more.

Line graph depicting visits to blog and personal website.

4. Use of web traffic metrics as a marketing tool

There are so many influencers out there trying to prove their worth to big brands that it becomes important for them to differentiate themselves. Hence, to show that they have what it takes to help the brand grow, influencers will need statistics to show in addition to their extensive list of followers. Web traffic numbers can be used to show brands the vast audience that they have the potential to reach out to through their various social platforms (i.e. Instagram, YouTube, blogs), thus increasing their marketability.

Bar graph depicting visits to blog, YouTube channel and Instagram profile., the latest Popular Chips product for influencers allows users to create their own portal with a personalised URL and display the links to their various social media platforms / websites on that portal.

Hayden Summerall’s profile

This not just helps to gather and store all your URLs in one spot for your followers to locate you on different social media networks but also allows you to track and analyse the number of visits to each of your links in real-time. All the charts used in this article to show followers’ web traffic were generated through

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