See What Beauty Brands Did for April Fools’ This Year!

Every year for April Fools’ Day, we look forward to the different jokes various companies put forth and hope that they manage to come up with something more hilarious than the years before. We always know there’s something fun to expect from tech companies like Google, who brought back Where’s Waldo on Google Maps this year. Its Japanese branch came up with Gboard, a version of the keyboard (with keys intact) that allows users to physically write on its surface to communicate.

But this article isn’t about the jokes that tech companies have come up with–it’s about beauty brands. In one of the best beauty brand April Fools’ jokes of all time, Sephora came up with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sheet Hack in 2015, a sheet mask that allowed its users to apply their makeup in a single 10-minute step.

Introducing the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sheet Hack. The ultimate in lazy girl beauty, it’s a single-use sheet mask that applies makeup for you. In just 4 simple steps, you’ll feel refreshed with a new face! STEP 1⃣ START WITH A CLEAN FACE. This step is crucial! You’ll want a smooth canvas so the product goes on evenly. STEP 2⃣ UNWRAP YOUR MASK. And make sure you don’t leave it sitting on your sink! In a use test on 20 volunteers, 85% reported their dogs trying to eat it. STEP 3⃣ PLACE IT CAREFULLY. Let it sit for 10 minutes as you go about the rest of your morning routine as normal! Think of all the things you can do now that you’ve gotten this time back, like eating a well-balanced breakfast, reading your horoscope, or hiding behind the couch and startling your loved ones. STEP 4⃣ WORK YOUR LOOK. And don’t worry about touchups. This makeup is waterproof, smudge-proof, budge-proof, melt-proof…it’s basically permanent! You can only take it off with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sheet Delete makeup remover (available online only).

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Let’s take a look at some of the jokes that beauty brands have come up with this year, and see if they can compete with Sephora in 2015!

I. Sephora (2018)

This year, Sephora decided to introduce a slime service.

According to Sephora, this slime acts as a hydrating face mask and glitters at the same time!

IG stories capture of Sephora’s April Fools’ Joke.

Go take a look at the account’s Stories within the next few hours to see what else this goo can purportedly be used for.

II. Tarte

Tarte may have just annoyed a whole lot of people with its April Fools’ joke this year. It all began with a bunny-themed post directing Instagrammers to their IG Stories.

PEEP our IG story for an EXCITING reveal! ??#rethinknatural #newness #comingsoon

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Where they introduced to what was supposed to be Tarte’s newest product: Icy Betch. Perhaps the name itself should have alerted users to the fact that this was not a real product.

IG Stories capture of Tarte’s April Fools’ Joke; introducing Icy Betch.

Tarte even gave users a preview of a look they could do with the palette.

IG Stories capture of Tarte’s April Fools’ Joke; a potential look.

At the end of the series of Stories, however, they revealed that it was merely an April Fools’ joke, but were kind enough to give users 15% off for all palettes on the day itself.

IG Stories capture of Tarte’s April Fools’ Joke; the reveal and an announcement for 15% off all palettes.

A quick look at the original post announcing the “new palette” reveals that quite a number of users were upset that the palette was not real.

Sample comments on Tarte’s original post.

In the individuals’ own words, many of them had been excited at the prospect of a palette that was composed mainly of cool colors and had been disappointed to find out that it was all a hoax as they had been looking forward to purchasing one. Some users even suggested that Tarte actually consider producing and selling such an eyeshadow palette, given its clear popularity.

Unfortunately, the fact that one could get 15% off for all other actual palettes on this day did not seem to interest users in the least. It seems like Tarte will have to be more careful with its April Fools’ Day jokes in future if it does not want to get on the wrong end of irate customers.

III. Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit has long sold itself as a beauty brand that can provide the best eyebrow solutions to its customers. Go to any one of the Benefit Cosmetics Instagram pages and you’ll find a series of posts on brow products, hashtagged #benefitbrows, #KaBROW and more. It is befitting then, that Benefit’s April Fools’ joke also features a brow product: brow perfume.

The product features not just on their Instagram feed, but also in their Stories, where Jared Bailey, brow expert for Benefit Cosmetics, introduces the perfume.

IG stories capture of Benefit’s April Fools’ joke; Jared Bailey tells the audience about Brow Potion No. 9.

He even tells viewers what the product smells like: vanilla, L.A. smog and Hot Cheeto dust. After that, it is quickly revealed that the whole thing is merely a joke.