Say Hello! to Instagram’s New Feature: IGTV

Instagram is always up and about trying to improve itself, and never letting us down with its newest updates and features. This time, Instagram is back with a new exciting feature that we will all want to check out–Instagram TV!

Those of you who only just found out about Instagram TV (or IGTV for short), you must be wondering what it is!

Instagram TV is similar to a television channel, where you can watch long-form, vertical videos from your favourite Instagram accounts, such as Kim Kardashian posting about her KKW Beauty Pop Up Shop. Similar to an Instagram photo being posted, you can also like and comment on the video itself. Additionally, you can also share the video with other Instagram users.

Below is an example of Kim Kardashian’s video.

Instagram “TV” is really just like a television–once you open IGTV, a video automatically starts playing. Besides being able to search for IGTV content from other Instagram users, pre-selected videos are featured at the bottom of the page to help you get started with choosing content to watch. You can switch between watching videos “for you”, from those you follow, or popular videos. What’s even better is that there is a “continue watching” function, where you can choose to continue playing videos you previously watched halfway.

Just like a TV, IGTV also has channels. Unlike a TV, however, these channels belong to content creators. The IGTV channel of the creator will show up on Instagram if you follow them. It is very easy to create a channel–all you have to do is click on the “create channel” button on the right hand side of your screen! Anyone and everyone can create and start a channel, and become a creator just by uploading your own videos!

Some have speculated that IGTV was released to compete with video-hosting sites, particularly YouTube, where content creators and influencers often post their long-form video content. The coming of IGTV allows content creators to integrate their Instagram posts with their content on YouTube on a single platform.

IGTV can be used in 2 forms–in the form of a stand-alone IGTV application, or from within the Instagram application.

On the left of the photo above is the IGTV icon that can be found on the right hand side of the Instagram application, while on the right is the stand-alone IGTV application.

You may also think, what is the difference between posting normal Instagram videos and using IGTV? Well firstly, IGTV’s videos are full screen and vertical, hence enabling you to enjoy the video being “zoomed in”, as compared to watching non-IGTV videos. Secondly, each IGTV video can be up to one hour long, as compared to Instagram videos which are only limited to one minute–which reduces your video content because it gets cut off after one minute of filming.

As seen below, IGTV videos can be comfortably viewed full-screen!

So what are you waiting for?

For you Instagram lovers out there, it’s time to get moving and make use of this new feature now!

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