Samsung and Apple 

The two has always been at the top of our minds when it comes to mobile phones in the last decade. We’ve also seen a fair share of videos and commercials comparing between Note, Galaxy and IPhone. Back in April, all the attention was on Samsung’s latest Galaxy series S8 until IPhone 8 and IPhone X came about.

With all the hype and long queues seen for IPhone X around the world in the past weeks still ongoing, Samsung released its official advertisement on the 5th of November that got everyone talking about and its not hard to see why!

Themed “Growing Up”, the Samsung video brings viewers through a 10 years journey with a loyal IPhone user who encountered several common problems such as the internal memory and water resistance ability. Of course, towards the end, the loyal user made the switch to the new Samsung Galaxy and was seen walking past the queue for IPhone X.

More than a week since its released, the video is still #2 ON TRENDING for Youtube, garnering over 16 million views and many mixed responses all over social media.

The debate for Galaxy vs Apple can go on forever so we’re not going to go there. Instead, we are going to take a deeper look at the two giants’ social media presence especially their official Instagram account. Let’s see how they compare with each other in this digital space!

Statistics by Popular Chips



Samsung Electronics, a part of the Samsung Group, is the world’s 2nd largest information technology company. Not only do they produce star consumer mobile products like the Galaxy series, Samsung Electronics also produce semiconductors, televisions and digital cinema.

@Samsungmobile account statistics from Popular Chips

For the @SamsungMobile account alone, it has over 3.8 million followers on Instagram, surpassing the official Apple account. Among the followers, only 17.24% were fake bots or inactive which is pretty good for an account of this size! However, its engagement rate is slightly disappointing at only 0.55%.

Statistics from Popular Chips

Interestingly, while Samsung is a Korea brand, we can see that the top follower countries of @SamsungMobile are actually from Indonesia, India and followed by United States!



The brand that need no introduction. Since the first IPhone was released in 2007, Apple has been constantly staying on top of the smartphone industry with loyal diehard IPhone users all over the world. Massive queues are a norm for every IPhone launch as everyone cannot wait to get their hands on the phone first.

@Apple account statistics from Popular Chips

With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, the official @Apple accounts boast a pretty good engagement rate of 3.61% (for a brand this size). As compared to @SamsungMobile, it has an impressive 29.25% audience growth in the past 30 days alone! This could be partly due to the recent consecutive launch of IPhone 8 and the highly coverted IPhone X.

Statistics from Popular Chips

As a contrary to @SamsungMobile, it is not surprising the top follower country for @Apple is from United States. It is followed by Brazil and Italy. For both brands, their followers are relatively spread out across the different countries due to their global reach and appeal.

Who is better? Samsung or Apple?

Which is better? IPhone or Galaxy?

We think both brands have an amazing social media presence and are at the leading positions of Instagram marketing, what do you think?

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