REVOLVE: Why this Insta-Brand attracts Millennials

And their current plans for the Gen-Zs

@Revolve (Revolve Group Inc.) is a Millennial-centric E-Commerce retailer that was founded in 2003 by Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas.
The success of this brand relies in the fact that it was one of the first to fill a fashion gap of that time: Latest, trendy, and ready-to-use fashion items targeted to Millennials.

Since then, the company has grown into a Billion-Dollar business, and has recently been listed publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. They now have 3.3 million followers on Instagram, and a bank of 3,500 influencers who endorse their brands.

What’s its secret to success? Well, in this article I walk you through the 3Is of their main strategies to attracting Millennials (and now, Generation Z).


Instagram is Revolve’s backyard.

➳ Picturesque Feed

Just look at their chief brand officer, Raissa Gerona’s Instagram Account. Reissa’s pictures have a soft-pink tint which is perfectly in line with Instagram aesthetics:

Photo courtesy of @raissagerona
Photo courtesy of @raissagerona

➳ Followers

@raissagerona’s top followers (with highest no. of following), provided by Popular Chips

Raissa has over 150k followers, many of which are what I call, ‘quality followers’. Many of them have many followers themselves, such as @louteasdale, who has 3.5 million followers and @christie_ferrari, who has more than half a million followers. This means that Raissa’s posts are reaching top dogs in the influencer sphere, which is worth more than fortitudes no. of followers.

➳ Branding

View this post on Instagram

@revolve @ Bondi Beach🌊 #revolvearoundtheworld

A post shared by Raissa Gerona (@raissagerona) on

View this post on Instagram

✌🏽💋from #revolvefestival @revolve

A post shared by Raissa Gerona (@raissagerona) on

She regularly posts about Revolve on her own Instagram. From fashion images to parties like the Beach Resort Retreat #revolvearoundtheworld with it-models such as @kendaljenner. Thanks to these FOMO events combined with her big following, who wouldn’t tap her and Revolve’s main IG handle to keeping up with the latest? It’s no wonder Revolve brings their A-Game on Instagram.

Looking at @revolve’s Account, here are some tools they are using successfully other than the usual stories, link in bio and CLEARLY pretty feed:

➳ Swipe up Feature

Story courtesy of @revolve

➳ Aesthetic Highlight Albums That Attract the Youth and even Influencers

Courtesy of @revolve


Courtesy of @revolve

Employees (like Raissa) at Revolve employ Instagram’s tools optimally, allowing, thus, @revolve to gain a competitive advantage in the social media marketing sphere.


We all know that influencers are the it-thing when it comes to social media marketing. However, how did @revolve capture their hearts so well that they want to be advocates of the brand so much?

➳ Wild, Exclusive Parties

Coachella x Revolve:

@jessthrowiton_ at the RevolvexCoachella Festival
@iamcardib performing at the #revolvefestival, courtesy of Gilbert Flores

New York Stock Exchange Launch:

@shopwearrepeat during @revolve’s first day at NYSE
Executives of Revolve at NYSE, courtesy of DailyMail

➳ Collaborations with Influencers/Celebrities

Thanks to these all-around-the-world parties, influencers, who live for the hype, are most definitely woo-ed over to join them.

House of Harlow 1960: Revolve x Nicole Richie (American Socialite)

Top Collaborations of @revolve, provided by Popular Chips

Majorelle Collection: Revolve x Rachel Zeilic (Australian Influencer/Marketer)

Top Collaborations of @revolve, provided by Popular Chips

Song of Style: Revolve x Aimee Song (American Influencer/Blogger)

Top Collaborations of @revolve, provided by Popular Chips

Collaborating with influencers make them more involved with being brand ambassadors of Revolve as they have a stake in the company (via their collab line). Moreover, these collaborations get high likes (All of them are higher than the average of 14k likes on the @revolve page).

@revolve’s average likes of 14,239, provided by Popular Chips


They always bring their A Game. They were the first among other few companies to engage in Influencer Marketing back in 2009, way before it was the ‘in’ thing. They have just been listed on the New York Stock Exchange too.

But this is not all.

They are now developing new marketing strategies geared toward attracting Generation-Z consumers.


To reach Gen-Zs, who make up the bulk of Revolve’s following, co-founder Michael Mente has decided to create an affordable sub-brand called Superdown which, nevertheless, has maintained the fashionable and lux vibes of Revolve. Instead of prices going as high as to $2,795 for a coat, it has a price range going from as little as $13 for a wrap top to $198 for a pair of jeans.

➳ Engagement of Gen Z Influencers

They also engage in popular Generation Z models (born 1995 and later) like Cindy Kimberly :

Yovanna Ventura:

And Sofia Jamora:

All of who appeal to a Generation Z audience.

➳ High Engagement Rate

@superdown’s image engagement rates, provided by Popular Chips

Superdown has a higher Engagement Rate of 1.87% than their parent company @revolve which sits at 0.4%. This is almost 5 times more and 3.5 times more than the average Engagement Rate for fashion brands (calculated from a random sample of 100 brand accounts).

Revolve takes much care in ensuring that their content is curated to their target audience. They are not afraid to go the extra mile for their influencers and consumers, and, thus, they are able to attract Millennials (and subsequently Generation Z consumers too).

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