Retarget your Instagram followers on Facebook Ads

Now you can send Facebook Ads to all those who interacted with your Instagram profile

For some time, Facebook has allowed their advertisers to create custom audiences based on their engagement on their Facebook pages, videos, lead form and canvas. This mean to say that instead of advertising to the general Facebook public or targeting by demographics, brands can now further target Facebook users who are already interested in the brands themselves through prior interaction with related content. This would definitely increase the rate of conversion significantly.

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And the good news now? Just recently, Facebook is testing out the same custom audience feature but with just engagement from Instagram business profiles (find out how to do it here). This is a big move in leveraging both the top social media platform; having the best of both worlds. Given that most brands would have an account on Instagram and with a higher content generation and interaction rate than Facebook, targeting Facebook ads based on brands’ current Instagram engagement would further increase the accuracy of choosing the most relevant audience.

Image credit: AdWeek – Coffey & Tea managing director Meg Coffey

The mechanics are really straight forward. Brands in the test group can specify the type of engagement they are looking for in their Instagram audience, ranging from all interactions with post to users who have messaged the Instagram profile etc.

Also, brands can select the chosen time period to access these audience, with a time period of up to 365 days. This selection is intuitive as audiences are refreshed all the time. This means that if brands decided to go for audiences who have interacted in the past 30 days and a person engaged 29 days ago, they will be included. However, if they did not engage in the following day, they will be removed. Hence, audiences are continuously updated within the time period to ensure relevancy.

What does this mean for brands?


For brands who are still not on Instagram, it is time (and also, read here to see why you should join Instagram Stories as well)  For brands who are already on both Instagram and Facebook, this is a great news to capture the best of both platform, making smart advertising decision based on intuitive statistics. This new feature by Facebook has once again proven the hard science behind social media marketing, supported by strong analytics and insights!

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