Purpose Tour Of Justin Bieber’s Instagram

It’s Not Too Late To Say Sorry

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

At a mere age of 12, Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube through his enormous international following first by his manager and then by Usher who helped him achieve his big break.

His rise to fame was so quick that it took him less than a decade to increase his net worth to more than $80 million.

10 years on, he cuts short his Purpose World Tour, probably due to the exhaustion from keeping up with his fame.

Being his 3rd tour, it’s understandable that the pressure and hard work got to him after performing 150 times over 6 continents over the past 2 years.

So today, to celebrate the fact that Justin Bieber above all, is putting his well-being before his adoring fans, we’re holding our own purpose tour of his Instagram.

In this article, I’ve used Popular Chips analytics to find @justinbieber‘s top 7 Instagram posts based on likes and comments and created a little tribute to our beloved celebrity.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Purpose Tour- Instagram edition.

(Most commented post in July- 150k)

I don’t know who’s more beautiful here, @justinbieber or @audreyanamichelle.


(Most liked post in June- 3.7mil)

Seeing this, I can’t help but catch his infectious smile. Can you?


(Most liked post in May- 3.7mil)

I wonder how he stays so hot despite the weather!


(Most liked post in April- 3.5mil)

His tattoos aren’t the only animals this picture has brought out.


(Most liked post in March- 3.8mil)

That pillow looks so comfy!

(Most liked post in February- 3.9mil)

So thankful that Justin Bieber doesn’t know how to put on a shirt.

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Swany cakes

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

(Most like post last August- 2.4mil)

Never been so jealous of an inanimate object.


Final thoughts

Justin Bieber, like any other professional, fully deserves a break whenever he needs one.

As fans, we will continue to love and support our favourite artistes and encourage them to take care of their well-beings.

So until the next tour, we’ll make do with whatever he chooses to post on Instagram; and for that, we are grateful for social media.

Which are your favourite posts out of these 7? Let me know in the comments below!



Written by Terri Tan

I am a quirky individual currently working with influencer marketing analytics startup, Popular Chips. I love writing about sassy and trendy topics, especially those related to marketing. Hit me up if you have any queries~

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