Popular Chips Hashtag Guide For Up & Coming Influencers

There is no denying the importance of hashtags to any influencer that’s trying to make their mark on Instagram. They are a great way to ensure that the content you create isn’t viewed only by people who follow you. It is also useful for starting trends, and gaining traction about an important topic. If your aim is to be noticed by brands or fellow influencers and content creators in the industry, finding the right hashtags to use on your posts is an absolute must. Some of the top personalities in the industry also follow certain hashtags in addition to accounts to keep up with the rush of content that is published every single hour. 

The best hashtags to use are constantly changing, so while we can’t tell you what to include in your post, we can certainly tell you how to find out. 

Step 1: No Generic Hashtags

Come to terms with the fact that generic hashtags like #beauty, #makeup, #sports and so on will only drown you out. 

362M posts signals a page that is far too saturated for anyone to truly stand out. Ready to move on to something more specific? 

Step 2: Do Research

All the information you’ll need is on the ‘tags’ page. 

How to get there: click on the magnifying glass on the bottom panel > click tags > type in the topic/industry that relates most closely to your niche > wait for results. Here is a video that sums it up: 

When scrolling through the hashtag suggestions that pop up, you’ll also see the number of posts published under that hashtag. The idea is to choose one that currently has between 10,000 to 1M posts. 

Step 3: Examine Individual Tags

Click on each one to see the content published under it. The hashtags that contain posts within this bracket are usually the best because they are visible, but at the same time not overcrowded. 

That doesn’t mean they don’t need checking.

Do a simple scroll through and see what kind of posts feature under there. Are they in line with what you’re trying to promote? When was the last time someone posted something using that hashtag? If it was more than 2-3 days ago, we don’t recommend using it. 

Step 4: Create a List

It’s important to keep track of which hashtags you’re using and how many posts have been published with it. This is so that you can be aware of whether it’s growing or working for you. If it isn’t, try something different. There are loads of choices out there. 

Step 5: Brand Attention

If you’re looking for brand attention, always use the relevant brand hashtags in your post. There is a higher chance they will notice you this way. 

Most brands place their official hashtag in their bios, like below. So it’s easy to know which one to use. 

Step 6: Get Taggin’!

We hope this guide managed to give you a jump start on your hashtagging process. For more How-To’s on both brand and influencer-related topics, subscribe to our newsletter! 

Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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