Pitfalls Of Social Media Campaign

Why your campaigns are not performing or worse, failing!

With nearly one third of the world using social networks regularly, it is not surprising that social media marketing has become the buzz word among brands and marketers now. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat and the list goes on; more than 83% of all marketers are actively pursuing social media marketing initiatives of sort in one, if not multiple of these platforms.

While several leading brands are acing their social media marketing efforts, just like all other marketing medium, success is not guaranteed for all social media campaigns. In fact, many brands actually find themselves in the worrying end as their social media campaign appears to not perform up to their expectation.

Today, we will be looking at some of the most common reasons that are preventing brands from achieving the success they were looking for in one of the greatest form of marketing in this digital generation.

#1: Lack of proper analysis, ignoring the data

Data matters in traditional marketing; brands will want to understand the average reach/eyeball of a newspaper ad, best timing to post a TV commercial or the demographics of readers for a magazine ad. The same goes for digital and social media marketing.

The Next Web

Marketing today is all about big data and the analysis of these numbers to gather actionable insights that help marketers understand their audience better to make more informed choices. As we talked about previously, social media marketing is backed by hard science that many analytics platforms are providing to brands.

A variety of analytics platform (free or paid) are available in the market and brands have to understand which social media platform and their corresponding analytics provider works best for them. One platform that most brands are focusing on is Instagram;  one of the fastest growing social media network, popular among consumers and brands. (Read here to find out why brands are switching over to Instagram!)

Example of data provided by Popular Chips on @taylorswift and @ladygaga Instagram account

The data provided by analytics platform can make a whole lot of difference. For example, Popular Chips is able to help brands search for the most suitable influencer for their social media campaign based on the brands’ pre-selected consumer demographics profile. Not only so, it can provide brands with crucial performance metrics of influencer and in-depth analysis of campaigns.


#2: Improper audience targeting

First and foremost, one of the most common mistake that brands make in its social media marketing strategy is the usage of the wrong platform and targeting the wrong audience.

Wrong platform: Every social media platform is unique and has its distinctive offering. While Facebook remains in the top position for number of users, it may not be the best platform for all types of marketing. For brands who are hoping to reach the younger audience (millennials), Instagram would be a much better choice than Facebook. Also, while ads on Facebook is performing, influencer marketing is not working as well as compared to Instagram.


Wrong audience: As previously mentioned, big data provides valuable insights for marketers to make informed choices for their campaign. In particular, as brands understand the demographics of social media users on a platform (eg: Instagram), they are able to create more tailored content or engage suitable influencers that would resonate with their target audience.

Another rising problem on platforms such as Instagram is the increasing number of fake influencers/followers which cause brands to waste precious marketing budget. With the right analytics platform, all these can be avoided.

#3: Unconvincing and unsuitable content

With millions of users and brands on social media, it has become a crowded space where marketers fight to capture the attention of their intended audience. While having numerous post may help to increase reach, the general rule of thumb in the social media generation is quality over quantity. As social media users have shorter attention span spreading across the endless message, creating quality and memorable marketing content is the way to go to ensure a successful campaign.

To create memorable content, brands have to first develop a distinctive brand voice is understand the type of content that their audience are looking for. In particular, brands have to understand the varying user preference across the different social media platform.

For example a rough guide for Instagram and Facebook would be:

  • IG users go more for aesthetics, visuals and simple to understand message (post/ short videos). Conversion rate from post to link in bio is relatively low so the main marketing message has to be conveyed efficiently in one post and within the short attention span of users.
  • FB users are more receptive with longer content; words or videos hence making FB a good platform to post longer, detailed marketing materials to supplement the whole campaign (eg: interviews, behind the scene footage, video tutorials)

#4: Underestimating the power of influencer marketing

The next step forward in social media marketing is going to be influencer marketing – the use of influencers/ KOLs (key opnion leaders) on social media to create a genuine marketing experience while leveraging on their social network.

While some brands are already one step forward in this field, many brands are only beginning to grasp the concept and potential of influencer marketing. Many used to suggest that influencer marketing was perhaps just a fad but recent studies from various marketing and PR professionals have revealed that this form of marketing is here to stay.

As the users of the current digital generations becomes increasingly immune to advertisements that push sell to them, influencer marketing provides the perfect platform for brands to showcase their products to consumers in the most personal manner. Over 81% of marketing professionals stated that they have engaged influencer marketing of sort and many of them are increasing their budget for this. It couldn’t be a better time to start exploring influencer marketing now!

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