Pay with your likes and followers?!

How did OWNDAYS SG Follower Discount Campaign go?

Yep, you heard it right! Just over a week ago, OWNDAYS announced its Follower Discount Campaign in Singapore where you could receive a discount on any pair of OWNDAYS glasses based on your number of followers and likes.

OWNDAYS is an optical shop established in Japan that prides itself on its trendy collection of frames and excellent service. The company has over 180 stores in 10 countries and if you are in Singapore, you probably have seen one of the 26 stores situated around the island.

All you had to do for the discount was to follow the brand’s Instagram account, snap a picture in an OWNDAYS outlet, and upload it with the given campaign hashtags. Your discount would be calculated based on your total Instagram following and likes you receive on the post, with 1 follower valued at S$0.05 and 1 like valued at S$0.50.

If you had a high enough following and your post obtained sufficient likes, you could technically obtain glasses for free!

All this sound good? If you were getting ready to get yourself a free pair of glasses, well, the bad news is that the campaign has ended (prematurely) due to the overwhelming reception. The campaign was supposed to last till the end of March but last week OWNDAYS announced that the campaign would be cut short. Some are calling the campaign a stroke of genius while others just feel that it showed a lack of foresight. Let’s take a look at how the campaign fared!

Brand Awareness

One of the aims of social media campaigns is to increase brand awareness. As a result of the campaign, the OWNDAYS Instagram account received a huge increase in following with over a 20% increase in number of followers.

Audience Growth of OWNDAYS SG Instagram account.

The hashtag #owndayssg, one of the campaign hashtags, was mentioned in over 6000 posts and resulted in a potential audience reach of over 1.5M!

Increase in audience exposed to the hashtag #owndayssg

Overall, the campaign can be seen as a success in terms of increasing brand awareness based on the gain in followers and widespread use of the brand’s hashtag. With some of these posts receiving likes in the thousands, it can be seen as an overwhelming success also in terms of engagement. In fact most users received way more likes and comments on their OWNDAYS post as compared to their usual posts.

However, the system was exploited with the involvement of fake likes and exchanges of likes. With fake likes being available for purchase for extremely low prices, users were able to get hundreds or even thousands of likes on their posts within a few minutes despite their posts usually fetching less than a hundred likes.

Exchange of likes by commenting on others posts.

The exchange of likes by requesting through comments or through the use of #likeforlike hashtags also helped many to inorganically increase the likes on their posts. All the inorganically gained engagement would not be of any use to the brand as the users liking the posts are just doing so for the sake of adding to the like count. As a result, they would not be influenced by the post and OWNDAYS would not stand to gain any potential new customers.

Audience Reception

A key metric to tell how an audience feels about a brand is the audience’s reception to the campaign. We can do this by performing a Sentiment Analysis on a post uploaded by the brand to analyse the comments left by users. For this analysis, we used the most recent post on the @owndays_sg account.

We can see from the analysis below that the responses to the post were primarily negative which is understandable given that many were looking forward to getting a discounted pair of glasses.

The post received a mostly negative response.

To many, ending the campaigns so abruptly was akin to taking something away from them, hence the backlash. This infuriated many especially because the terms and conditions of the campaign failed to include a clause stating that the company had the right to cease the campaign at any time.

T&Cs failed to explicitly include the right to end campaign anytime.

However, it is still uncertain whether these negative comments will affect the brand’s sales in the near future as the negative comments made by many were probably done on impulse and there could actually be no ill-will harboured towards the brand.


While OWNDAYS’s campaign did increase brand awareness, it did also bring about a huge backlash that could have negative repercussions, such as a loss of confidence in the brand. When carrying out campaigns on social media platforms, brands need to be aware of fraudulent activities that could possibly jeopardise their businesses. More attention should also be given to the terms and conditions displayed for any similar campaigns, not just to prevent fraudulent activity but also to provide an exit clause should the campaign not be going as expected.

The data and reports in this article were generated using Popular Chips’ proprietary software.

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