Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Why We Love An Influencer Campaign Like This One

Pat McGrath Labs is a namesake cult beauty brand by the makeup mogul Pat McGrath. Since its establishment back in 2016, Pat McGrath Labs has grown to become a company worth $1 billion dollars and this new marketing campaign for her new Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection is exactly why her products sell out faster than you can say ‘Skin Fetish’.

Pat McGrath

@patmcgrathreal at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Pat McGrath currently has 2.8m followers on Instagram, with an image engagement rate of 0.62%, which is 0.12% higher than the average brand (of 50 beauty and fashion brands).

It is currently experiencing audience growth of 1.12 % in the last 30 days and unsurprisingly, this internationally acclaimed brand’s audience mainly hail from the US (30.12%), the UK (6.75%) and Brazil (5.88%).

Without further ado, let’s dive into the marketing campaign itself!

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection

The sublime Perfection under the skin fetish line is a 3-step product line that includes a hydrating and skin-refining base, a flawless medium coverage foundation and a weightless, super-blendable setting powder.

These products go for US$60 (base), US$68 (foundation) and US$55 (setting powder), which is a hefty sum considering other less well-known brands market at half that price. Despite so, there is a 2 week-long waiting list to get your hands on these products. How is that so?

Well, we believe it boils down to the amazing marketing campaign done for the line, meticulously planned by the marketing team at Pat McGrath Labs.

The Campaign Stars

Below is the campaign film for the Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection line:

The campaign featured a group of amazing people including(but not limited to):

#skinfamous:  @violetchachki

@violetchachki at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Violet Chachki is a famous drag queen who participated and won RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 and slayed a beautiful Moschino fitted black gown at the MET GALA. She opened the campaign video in her iconic waist-cinching corset and captured the heart of the audience.

#skinspiring: @damianhurley1

@damianhurley1 at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Damian Hurley is the son of actress Elizabeth Hurley and American businessman Steve Bing. With 33.3k followers, he rakes in a high engagement rate of 11.46% (the average influencer of the same calibre receives 4.5%). In the campaign video, he is seen with a very big, feminine and voluptuous hairdo inevitably showing the resemblance between him and his mother. Representing #skinspiring, this 17-year-old sets a great example for his peers.

#skinfatuating: @zhengnes

@zhengnes at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Zheng is known for his androgynous looks and is a model hailing from IMG models the agency that featured top models like Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, Gigi and Bella Hadid and Cara Delevigne. He also attains a high engagement of 9.60%, indicating that he is a public hot favourite. In the video, he wears a black bunny mask (cause skin fetish) and I must say that it was very enthralling, to say the least.

#skincomparable: @blesnyaminher

@blesnyaminher at a glance, provided by Popular Chips

Known for her beautiful liquid glistening cocoa skin that puts even body oils to shame (and why she is adequately the representation of #skincomparable), Blesnya Minher is an up and coming model who hails from Angola. She is the only model apart from the Naomi Campbell who has opened a show for Prada and at the tender age of 19, which says a lot about her potential in the modelling world. In the video, she wore her natural locks and showed off her beautiful skin.

While these models are not the full list of influencers engaged (total of 7), it is still clear as day that the campaign hinges on diversity and inclusivity, casting models of very different ethnicities. The call to cast genderfluid/non-binary models is also very praiseworthy as it portrays the Skin Fetish line as a line open for anyone to use. 

The Interface

Moreover, the shade range and user interface on the Pat McGrath Labs site is impeccable:

Courtesy of the Pat McGrath lab

Upon going to the Sublime Perfection Foundation page, users are given the option to match their skin colour using the slider or click on any of the 36 types of shades represented by the models below:

Courtesy of the Pat McGrath lab

Moreover, when you click on any of the shades, you are able to see that particular shade in its entirety:

Courtesy of the Pat McGrath lab

To have representation for each of the 36 shades for this line has certainly not been easy for the team as they needed to find the perfect model to represent each shade and take uniform photographs of each of the shades, showing how much the brand is focusing on Inclusion and Diversity.

The Statistics

With such an amazing campaign line up, the results were nothing less than great.

@patmcgrathreal’s top post, provided by Popular Chips

Within 2 weeks of telling her 2.7million followers about the release of the line, the post has received 60.388k likes and 2,382 comments, making it the 2nd most popular video of @patmcgrathreal in the last 3 months.

@patmcgrathreal’s top posts within the last 3 months, provided by Popular Chips

The video is also currently the 7th highest performing post of @patmcgrthreal despite being the newest (published July 12) of the other posts in the top 10 positions.

audience growth of @patmcgrathreal, provided by Popular Chips

The account also saw high audience growth in July. So far, it has already gained 25.9k followers, which is more than 5 times the amount it gained the whole of June. This shows that people felt that Pat McGath’s campaign was meaningful and they wanted to be kept in the know of new updates from the account.

And finally, the fact that the waiting lines prior to the release of the line is the best evidence one can get about the success of the marketing campaign.


I think Pat McGrath did an astounding job by engaging unconventional yet inspiring individuals who could relate to many others. The marketing team elegantly showcased each aspect of the Skin Fetish line (represented by the hashtags) and in all, did justice to the marketing campaign.

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