Part 2: How to be the Pro at Insta Stories

How “in the moment” content can shape your brands

After successfully converting you to an InstaStory-ian, now we will be talking about how to use Instagram stories effectively and work it like a pro for your next social media campaign!

Understanding your audience and influencers

Popular Chips – Filter for influencer search

One of the greatest challenge of any social media campaign is the ability to reach its intended audience. When engaging an influencer for your brand and next campaign, it is crucial to find the right influencer with the best reach and performance. Influencer Marketing Analytics platform such as Popular Chips can help you find the best fit among the immense possibilities, seeking that one influencer who would connect the best with most of your target audience. The platform allows brands to find influencers through various filters such as country of followers, age and gender of audiences, in order to maximize campaign reach.

Popular Chips – Best time to post analysis

No matter how good an influencer is, a campaign post will not be effective if not many of the influencers’ followers are looking at it. This is especially so with the Instagram algorithms in place, where users who are more active and receiving the most engagement will be able to stay current in their followers’ feed. Every influencer has a unique combination of follower base and thus, brands need to find out the best time to post for each of their influencer.


Use links, geofilter and tags



Whenever possible, brands should always leverage on their influencers’ follower base and drive traffic back to their own website through the social media campaign. For example, an influencer who is sharing her haul/product review on her Instagram story can include the link of the product in her story itself or direct users to a blogpost for more in depth review and product information. A simple swip up will redirect users and not only does this create brand recall, it helps to increase call to action and conversion rate. Clickable links are currently only available to business profiles that have more than 10,000 followers.


Unfortunately, brands and influencers are unable to track the link traffic through Instagram. Brands can opt for a trackable link such as bitly or make use of Lnk.Bio – custom URL that can be redirected to several other weblink with link tracking and statistics.

Geofilter and Tags




The recent launch (May 2017) of the all new location and hashtag-enabled Instagram stories has brought discoverability to a new level once again. When users search for a hashtag or location, there will be a story ring at the top of the page that showcases all the stories using that hashtag or location. In addition, these location-based stories will also appear at the top of users’ Explore page according to their interests.

With these new features, brands should leverage on influencers and their network by encouraging the usage of brands’ official hashtag or geo-tag to build a community. Not only does the tags reinforce brand awareness and recall, the consolidation of stories on search results helps increase visibility and create a more vibrant community for the brand.


Excite your audience

Here are some ideas on how brands can make use of Instagram story to excite your audience and get them hooked onto you!

Collective Hub

Take your audience to every big and small event that you may have, giving them exclusive behind the scenes footages. If you have influencers participating in your event, get them onto your Instagram stories or even filmed a couple of Q&A sessions and ask them questions that fans have requested.

Social Media Examiner

You can also share exclusive content to incentivize consumption of content on this platform and one successful strategy is the use of takeovers by influencers. This is where a selected influencer of the brand takes over content creation for a designated time period. This helps to increase brand exposure widely through the cross promotion on both your brand and your influencers’ account.

Buffer Social

If you are a clothing brand, try giving your audience sneak previews of upcoming launches through Instagram stories to get them hyped up prior to launch. A cycling apparel brand, Black Sheep Cycling, annouced their upcoming launch using both Instagram post and stories. They made use of stories to showcase the kit from various angle and countdown to launch.

Buffer Social

Fashion label Loft uploaded a series of BFF style challenge on their Instagram stories and invited users who were watching their stories to join in the challenge and tag their best friends in the comment. Here is one example of interactive videos that would keep your audience engaged and excited with new content. It is also important to supplement your Instagram stories with an actual post and get your audience’s participation by inviting them to interact (comment, tag a friend) and spread the brand name.


Build connection

Young audiences now seem to crave genuine content that is not as glamourous as the specially curated posts seen on Instagram and Instagram stories provide brands with just the platform to share authentic photos and videos that does not feel like an advertisement, but rather, a conversation and interaction that helps build strong brand lifestyle.

Content Marketing Institute

With a few press of a button, brands can post behind the scenes shots/videos onto their main account’s story. These can include daily work situations, team event, office tour or even a birthday celebration that Happy Socks featured above. Humanize the brand, create a persona and give audience a peek at how your brand does what it does . Regular updates may even make your audience feel as if they are a part of the brand, increasing conversion and brand loyalty.

Buffer Social

Brands can also encourage their audience to post/Insta story their purchases and feature these user generated content on the brands’ Instagram story. Minaal, a travel gear label share photos from their community who are travelling around the world with their travel bags and gears. This helps to get your audience involved in the brand community.

Brands can also use the current group of captive audience to do a little market research and gather their opinion. It could be for a new logo, style and color for the next clothing launch, crowdsourcing opinions from your follower base gives them a sense of participation and ownership with the brand.

Collective Hub

There are endless possibilities in creating different stories to suit your brand and audience. For example, lifestyle accounts can create swipe recipes or tutorials using Instagram stories. Fashion brands can film short lookbooks prior to launch or “how to style” stories featuring their clothing pieces. Some fashion brands in Singapore have also used Instagram stories to bring their followers with them to their monthly overseas factory tour, providing exclusive manufacturing process shots and sneak previews of upcoming items.

Experiment with different types of content and styles to find what works with your followers. You can even post stories to ask your followers what would they like to see for the next story. Afterall, it is all about creating something that your followers love, isnt it?


Now that we have imparted all our tips to you, what are you waiting for – go be a pro!

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