Part 1: It can only be Instagram Stories!

Reasons why brands should join Insta Stories now

First it was Snapchat, then Instagram and Facebook, all the key social media platforms are hoping onto the disappearing content trend.

As Instagram relentlesssly bring over some of Snapchat’s best features and tools while making its own refinements and improvements along the way, it is not surprising that Instagram Stories seem to be performing the best among the three (Read here for a comparison between Snapchat and Instagram). Instagram photo, video and carousel ads are soon becoming just too normal, the next “in” thing would appear to be the use of stories for your campaigns and there is no better time to join in than now!

Why Instagram Stories?

Large and increasing user base

As of April 2017, there are over 200 million people using Instagram Stories (Forbes) every day to keep up with friends and accounts they love creatively. It has officially surpassed SnapChat and will the figure is expected to continue rising as more users are exposed and familiar with Instagram Stories. With more than 700 million users on Instagram, it is important for brands to capture these captive audience and leverage on the network of their influencers.

On top of that, Instagram is also incorporating Instagram Stories ads that will further increase users reach through sponsored ads on both feed and explore page. There ads will appear on users’ feed and are labelled with the word “Sponsored” right under their account name at the top. There are currently more than one million active monthly advertisers on Instagram, are you already one of them?

Higher discoverability

One of the key differentiating factor between the three stories platform is discoverability – the ability for users who are not a follower of your brand to find you and your campaign. In addition to sponsored Instagram Stories ads, these stories also appear under the Explore tab where users can discover new stories and accounts.


Tagging in stories also makes it easy for users to be directed to another account (your brand) mentioned by the influencers. Efficient user interface allow for easy identification of accounts with stories with the red circle around the display picture. Also, it is easy for users to simply tap on the display picture icon in the stories to be redirected to your brand’s main Instagram account.

The recent addition of location tag and hashtag in Instagram stories have brought discoverability to another level (we will talk about it later so read on!). Leveraging on these discoverability features and your influencers network will greatly increase the reach and performance of your social media content.

Not all is lost


While snaps on SnapChat dissappear totally after 24 hours, Instagram Stories can be downloaded or even posted to the main account feed.

Also, Instagram Stories can work seamlessly with the influencers’ main account posting to supplement the pre and post stages.

For example, prior to a takeover of Instagram Stories, influencers can post on their main account to notify and invite her followers to join. On the other hand, Instagram stories can work as a sneak preview to upcoming events or product launches which will be posted on the influencers’ account in the days to come.

The Next Big Thing – Disappearing Content


The resounding success of SnapChat was the first sign of the next social media big thing for both users and brands. As users found an interest in an alternative platform that does not require “Insta-perfect” photos but raw and genuine moments in life, SnapChat has proven that the trend is here to stay. Initially, SnapChat was the only to-go platform but when Instagram joined in with an almost exact same feature (with a few tweaks for the better), it was obvious that the balance is in Instagram’s favor.

Almost all Instagram users would agree that they would not post multiple photos in a row to avoid spamming friends or mess up their carefully curated feed. But when Instagram Stories was launched, all of these have changed. Users no longer have to hold back as their photo feed are reserved for perfectly composed shots while stories allow them to share daily snippets of those not as picture-perfect moments.


Disappearing content redefined the meaning of social media interaction as users come closer with one another or with their favourite brands and influencers, joining them in every small moments of their lives. It provides a platform for building one’s online presence, sharing of genuine moments and intimate interactions without the worry of “judging” for unglam selfies, shaky videos or overposting.

And if these reasons are still not enough to convince you, head over ( to see some of Instagram’s greatest advertising success stories. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Beats by Dre,  Airbnb, and Asos harnessed the power of stories and increased brand recall, perception and awareness.

If we have successfully convinced you to hop on Instagram Stories, stay tune for part 2 of the article next week where we tell you how to be the pro at this platform!

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