Overview of Stickers on IG Story

On 10th July, Instagram launched its new Questions Sticker in Instagram Stories. It allows your friends to submit questions for you to answer, an interesting way to initiate conversations with your friends indeed.

With this new launch, let’s take a quick look at all the various stickers that is available on IG story!

Location Sticker

Able to tap and view page for location.

Selfie Sticker

Take a photo with your face in it.

Weather / Time Sticker

Weather sticker based on device’s location.
Current time sticker based on device.

Hashtag Sticker

Able to view the posts with this hashtag upon clicking it.

Poll Sticker

Repond by tapping the option provided and realtime results are provided.

Emoji Slider Sticker

Respond by sliding the emoji chosen and realtime results are provided.

Question Sticker

Ask a question by tapping the sticker and you can share your response in your story without showing the photo and username of the people who asked you the question.

Now that you are aware of the complete set of stickers available on your IG Story, start using them today and let us know which is your favourite in the comments section below!

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