One More Reason for Brands to Start Using Instagram Stories

Instagram now allows uploads from more than 24 hours ago

Brands, if you have not started using Instagram Stories since its inception in August 2016, now is definitely the time to begin.

Instagram just released its newest update, allowing users to upload photographs and videos from more than 24 hours ago on Instagram Stories. While there were multiple ways to get around the 24 hour limit, including taking screen shots of the photograph you wanted to upload or editing the photograph or video with a third-party application, Instagram’s newest update removes the need for social media managers to go through such trouble. You can now post stories as far back as your camera roll goes.

What This Means

This update means that you can now plan your Instagram Story the same way you plan for other Instagram posts.

Perhaps your brand has two events happening in a day, and showing both of them on your Story may be too confusing or overwhelming for your followers. Take several videos for your Story and upload them the next day or even the following week as a throwback instead.

Your brand can now even request that the influencers you work with do the same; in particular, if you work on a per contract instead of a per post basis, you can request that they post photographs on their story mentioning a photoshoot or project that they did with you a few weeks ago.

Future Developments?

What else is in the works for Instagram? It seems like the social media platform is definitely making their product more friendly for brands. Perhaps they will soon remove the 24 hour time limit for Stories or allow users to decide how long they wish to have their photograph or video stay on their Story feed.


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