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On My Block is one of the best teen dramas on Netflix right now. No kidding. It is funny yet complex, and manages to tackle issues like grief, gang violence, and sexuality in such a mature, nuanced manner. We love a show with representation, honesty, and healthy female relationships. I think what I personally found so special about On My Block is that none of the characters were caricatures or stereotypes — they each had so much dimension and the entire series stayed true to culture, community, and context (Spanish lines remain untranslated!). 

In anticipation of Season 3, which premieres on Netflix tomorrow (11th March 2020) we take a look at the names and faces we can’t wait to see again. 

1 — Cesar Diaz – Diego Tinoco | 1.7M Followers 

Cesar is the neighbourhood’s resident hottie and also hails from a long line of Santos Gang members. After his brothers release from prison, he struggles to choose between his gang family (+ brother Oscar) and his chosen family but mostly, Cesar is just a sensitive kid looking for love.

2 —  Monse Finnie – Sierra Capri | 1.3M Followers

Monse is an Afro-Latina tomboy who is raised by her doting single father. She is headstrong but also incredibly emotional, which I find to be such a balanced on screen portrayal of a young girl. Her on again off again relationship with Cesar drove fans crazy, so here’s to hoping they get together and STAY together. 

3 — Jasmin Flores – Jessica Marie | 1.3M Followers

Every show needs the funny misfit, and Jasmin seems to be that, at least till her character develops far more significantly in Season 2. From a random classmate who cannot seem to get enough of Ruby, Jasmin eventually finds her way into the inner-circle of friends when we learn that tragedy doesn’t discriminate. 

What will become of her in Season 3?

4 — Ruby Martinez – Jason Genao  | 1.1M Followers

If every friend group had a running conscience, Ruby would be it. He is constantly the voice of reason, which makes sense since he is also incredibly intelligent and well-read. Ruby loves and loses over the first two seasons, so fingers crossed that he gets his redemption this season. 

5 — Jamal Turner – Brett Gray | 1.1M Followers

Jamal is definitely my favourite character on the show. He’s so wildly disconnected from things at times that you cannot help but relate to him so hard. While his friends spend most of their time chasing romance, he’s drawn into finding out about a hidden treasure scheme surrounding RollerWorld. 

6 — Oscar ‘Spooky’ Diaz – Julio Macias | 644K Followers

Nobody messes with the Santos Gang. Except maybe Spooky himself who goes out of his way to protect and help his younger brother. Season 2 left us on a cliffhanger: Who is Lil Ricky? And what do Santos have to do with it? 

See You On The Block 😎

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