New: Track IG Stories in Live Campaign

It is now possible to track not just Instagram posts but Stories in your live campaign report. A new tab will be created for IG stories and will appear in your live report. In addition, a new graph for the share of voice of influencers for IG stories will also appear under the Share of Voice section.

In order to track IG stories, please contact your dedicated account manager with the following information:

  1. Your brand’s account name
  2. The name of the live campaign report in which you wish to see the information (if you have not created one yet, please inform us of what you wish to name your report)
  3. The IG username(s) of the influencers whose Stories you wish to track

Please do note that it would be ideal for you to provide your account manager with this information at least 2 days before a campaign is due to start. Do also note that due to the ephemeral nature of Stories, we will not be able to retrieve a Story should 24 hours have passed after it has been posted.

As Instagram does not reveal the number of views an influencer receives for IG Stories, we will be able to track the content of said Stories, but not the number of times it has been viewed.

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